Flowers & Fruit

23 07 2010

The traditional four year anniversary present is flowers and fruit. The lavender from the area (mostly from the olympic peninsula) has hit all of the stores. And the fruit? Good gracious, the fruit is so incredible right now. I’ve been going through about two cantaloupes a week. It’s good nurturing for my lil cantaloupe (actually, he’s a head of lettuce this week – I never knew heads of lettuce were so bouncy) and it tastes so good. By far, that is the #1 bonus of being pregnant in the summer. You have to really up your game on fresh produce. The fresh produce also ups it’s game for you. Win win.

My beau picked me up last night for our 4 year anniversary date with a tuscan melon and some rich smelling lavender. How sweet is he?

fruit and flowers

It’s been an awesome four years. Here’s to many, many more!




5 responses

24 07 2010

Oh my gosh. I love y’all both so much!! Happy anni!!!!

24 07 2010

WOW… you look radiant!

24 07 2010

yay! happy anni.
good job scottford.
kim you look beautimous.

24 07 2010

Happy anniversary!! You look glowing & gorgeous!!

26 07 2010

You are very blessed… and a blessing too!

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