A Quick Visit

16 08 2010

Scott’s aunt and uncle from Brownfield, TX had a nice little stopover in Seattle on their way home from an Alaskan Cruise. It sounds like their cruise was amazing. After work, we were able to meet with them to shop at the Sounders/Seahawks store as well as the Mariners store. We then went to Steelhead Diner for dinner. Sandra & Eddie were weary of rich seafood dishes from the cruise, so we were looking for something basic (no more butter sauce please) but tasty. We introduced them to poutine (ok, we missed the boat on not-rich-foods), which they gave concerned looks about and then thoroughly enjoyed (at least they pretended to :)). Scott gave them a full overview of Pacific Northwest Microbrews and we enjoyed some good local food while hearing stories of the cruise and looking at pictures of the family. They brought baby Lpod a fantastic Noah’s Ark book and a keepsake for his first tooth (how crazy that could be just around the corner). He kicked with delight over the beautiful illustrations in the book.

After dinner we wandered around the Pike Place Market. It had already shut down, but we tried to give a good picture of what it’s like during the day when it’s bustling with fresh fish, flowers, and produce.

scott, sandra, and eddie at the market

For some reason, I only got this one picture of everyone, I think the rest must be on Sandra’s camera. I was trying to get the market signs and the people, so they are teeny tiny. It was so wonderful to meet members of my family I hadn’t yet; I hope we’ll see them again soon after the baby is born!




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