Summer Streets

19 08 2010

Melissa, Piper, and Mimi came up to Seattle last weekend for a quick visit. We had so much fun. It’s not easy to get to Seattle in the summer. It’s a lot more expensive if you are paying and the flights are significantly fuller if you are flying on a pass, making every single flight one of those “I guess I could be sleeping in El Paso for two nights” kind of flights. I grew up flying that way. It’s not fun. The only time that was fun was when we were stuck in San Francisco trying to get out to Honolulu. But really? We were all a little stressed about when we would get to Honolulu to truly enjoy SFO (not to mention I got a wickedly huge splinter in my foot from walking on a log on a freezing cold beach in SFO). I was 12, I remember it well. I even remember what I was wearing the day I got the splinter. Flying that way was actually was a lot of fun. I’m a master at plotting routes around the country and I understand the airline business well. My husband loathes it – I still feel like I need to be at the airport more than 2 hours before the flight is scheduled to depart. This drives him absolutely bananas.

As I began weaving you through my travels as a child, I forgot I was telling you about a visit from part of my family.
*focus, focus, focus*
What I was trying to say by telling you how hard it is to get to Seattle was to articulate how much it meant to me that they made it up here. Summer is fun in Seattle and we get a few rare visitors that time of year. So thanks ladies for making it happen, baby Lpod, Cott and I loved it!

On Friday during the day, we ladies did a little shopping. Poor Piper was still pretty off kilter from the all day travel the day before and the 2 hour time difference, so we got her home for a good, long nap. That evening, our neighborhood had “Summer Streets” where the city of Seattle shuts down a major street to all motor traffic and the businesses stay open late, sponsor artists, have food tastings, art showings, etc. It’s always a neat community feel and fun to get out in the neighborhood. We loaded Piper up in the BOB (check it out Carolyn, Cindy, Janet & Pam!!!) and walked over to the neighborhoods major “retail core” to check out the festivities.

testing out the bob

There were many performing artists participating while we were out there.

some strings for our walk

We got there early with the stroller brigade. As we were walking back toward home, the streets were really filling up. This year’s went all the way into one of our sister neighborhoods and was a little over a mile long.

listening to a live singer and hanging out on the curb

At one point, I was wondering if “torturing cats” was one of the arts on display out here, but then turned to find this little boy marching with a clarinet making an awful racket. It made us laugh really hard. I like that he chose the Better Hearing Center for his choice of business to torture. I hope no one discovered their hearing aid was turned too loud during his performance.

boy disrupting pleasant live music

We made it home, happy baby in tact and ready for bed.

just missing mimi

But not before we got some giggles for Uncle Cott. He’s so silly.



3 responses

20 08 2010

Scottford’s going to be a great dad. All his little nieces sure love him!!! Very fun weekend!!

20 08 2010

yes….his nieces all have crushes on him. 🙂 very cute.
thanks for making piper laugh…’re welcome for the exercise!
that was a fun night!
more! more! kim, we want more!
p.s. kim you look so cute!
p.s.s. i wish mimi was in that pic. 😦

21 08 2010

Well, someone had to take the picture!

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