Showering Little Lpod

22 08 2010

Mom, Mel & Piper had come up for a shower for baby Lpod which we attended on Sunday. We got all prettied up and headed out to the shower.

four ladies all dolled up

Where we found a beautiful fauxmosa bar with fresh fruit to garnish the mocktails.

mocktail bar

Stunning hydrangeas (my favorite flower), and an amazing array of food.

these came out of jana's garden

Piper served as a form of entertainment for the afternoon. I believe in this picture below she was pretending to pick stuff off the chair (there was absolutely nothing on the chair) and eat it. She would put it in her mouth and say “mmmmm.”

mmmm. this fake snack is wonderful.

Look at those little bloomers. Too cute.

cutest little bootie

She was also very helpful in opening baby Lpod’s gifts. She actually was pretty disinterested most of the time, but I opened this laptop (how perfect is the laptop for him given his parents?) she hauled over and grabbed it from me.

poor baby lpod, he doesn't stand a chance with his cousins

Thank you to Jessica & Jana for the lovely shower. It was such a relaxing afternoon and we felt honored by our friends and family. Thank you for such a beautiful set up, you always do too much!

lovely hostesses! jessica - due sep12; me - due sep23; jana - due nov7




2 responses

24 08 2010

love all these posts kim! such a fun trip.
thanks for having us!
you look great!
p.s. are you and jessica delivering at the same hospital?

24 08 2010

Kind of – she’s delivering at a different branch of the same hospital.

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