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30 08 2010

No, I’m not twittering. I’ve just officially gotten the bug. I’m nesting. Oh my goodness, I want to clean, declutter, and scrub every last inch of this house. Poor Scott. This last weekend was an all out assault on the garage. I mean, how am I supposed to cart the little baby into a cluttered garage to go run errands with me? Yeah. I’ve lost it.

The garage is one of those spaces in the house that has been a dumping ground for our lack of storage in the house and has never been organized since we moved in. It just keeps collecting there so we don’t have to look at it.

just enough room to squeeze in a car

As you can see, we got rid of a lot of clutter that we intended to toss or give to goodwill a long time ago. We consolidated a bunch of the stuff that was on floors into the shelves and drawers we already had available. Scott enjoyed using my label maker (thanks, Sharla!!) to label each of his tool chest’s drawers. A few more of the items that are laying on the ground will be hung from the ceiling to keep stuff up off the floor, but for now we feel so organized. We’re TOTALLY ready for baby now, right? Right. 🙂 

ahhhh, room to breathe

I’ll be honest. Most of this was spurred by the fact that I want a second fridge. I feel cluttered in my one fridge. I get these little obsessions and I can’t let go until they happen. I now have mountains of laundry sitting on the floor of the nursery waiting to be cleaned. On to the next little nesting project, I suppose (I have a hankering for the drawers and cabinets in my bathroom and kitchen too).




2 responses

30 08 2010

I’ll fly you first class to do my house, while you’re in the nesting mode.

garage looks great!

31 08 2010

I’m slowly getting my “luxuries” back–like water in the kitchen!! Maybe parking my car in the garage will return someday!!

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