Thirty Eight

9 09 2010

I kind of never thought September would get here. It’s here. Oh my goodness, it’s here! I’ve never dreaded/anticipated football season starting so much in my life. Are we ready? Well, we have a car seat, we have a crib. Will he rock our world? No doubt. We are so excited to meet him.

I turned 38 weeks today and can’t believe it. I remember being 14 weeks in my yoga class looking at the 38 week ladies (sniffling, dang hormones) and wondering how we would ever make it to here.

that's not a house, it's an lpod




7 responses

10 09 2010

You look great Miss 38 weeks!!!!

10 09 2010

i don’t see a house … i see my hot, very pregnant sister! hot = very good looking

10 09 2010

Ditto what Stacy & Mel said!!!! Congrats on 38 weeks!!

10 09 2010

O this is so exciting. I also don’t see a house. Do you mean in the back ground on the water???
I only see water and a darling mommy to be that is ALL baby to be. Hope you all blog or FB or Text and keep us posted. Can’t wait. YOu can take iPhones and camera in the delivery room. 🙂

10 09 2010

Pretty Mama! You look great, Kim. Can’t wait to meet our sweet Carter!

11 09 2010

Thanks for taking my fishing buddy to the ocean. He probably got excited just like I do. Won’t be long now.

14 09 2010

You look amazing – simply amazing… 38 weeks and a smile on your face-highly impressive 🙂

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