I Grew More Than a Baby This Summer

20 09 2010

I scaled back my garden significantly this year, knowing that at the heat of the summer, when the most work is required, I’d be heavily pregnant and not too keen being on my hands and knees in my tiny garden space (remember, it’s only about 18 inches by 50 feet.

This year, I planted three tomato plants, a bunch of hot peppers, tomatillos, cabbages, carrots, basil, cilantro, and a lot of dahlias. I also have some potatoes. They’re sitting on the window sill. Oops. Totally forgot to plant them. They have nice sprouts now though. I have about 4-5 dozen huge, beautiful tomatoes, but unfortunately (well, VERY fortunately for me) it was a cool summer and most of those maters are probably not going to ripen. We’ll have to have a lot of fried green tomatoes here. One of my varieties is actually meant to be green, called the Green Zebra. It’s a tart, crisp tomato that is one of my favorites out there.

jalapenos, celebrity tomato, green zebra tomato, orange dinner plate dahlia

I love my dahlia cutting garden. I’ll share more pictures of it this week as new blooms are popping each day right now. Beautiful!

pink softball dahlias




One response

22 09 2010

They’re so perfect they look artificial. Gorgeous.

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