My Cutting Garden

23 09 2010

It sounds like I have a luxurious English style garden. I don’t. I have one really sunny spot. On the side of my house. 

orange, yellow, and yellow/white dinner plates - about 8" in diameter

No one can see it but the raccoons and cats who wander through there on their way to destroy another part of my yard.

another view of the dinner plates

So…I use it as a cutting garden. I cut every bloom and bring it in. Love it!

monday's harvest

I’m growing about 6 different varieties of dahlias this year. I actually forgot to buy my tubers in late February and didn’t get them planted until after Mother’s Day. I thought I was doomed to no homegrown flowers this year. But this crop has been amazing! My yellow & white dinner plate plants have about 10 new buds ready to pop. I am usually lucky to get one big bloom per plant.

a little perspective never hurts

I like how different each type of flower is and how unique it looks. Hope you enjoyed my little cutting garden. 🙂




4 responses

23 09 2010

man! those are amazing!!!! i can’t believe those are from YOUR yard! green thumb.

24 09 2010

Pretty my friend! thinking about you!

24 09 2010

I think you ought to post a picture of your “cutting garden”. It would make these beautiful blooms even more amazing!!

25 09 2010

Gorgeous!!! You are an amazing chef & gardener!!! And soon to be an amazing mother!!!!

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