Any Day Now…

27 09 2010

Word on the street is my due date has come and gone. Little Carter Joseph (yes, that’s his official name!) has decided to be stubborn as a mule. Much like his maternal grandmother (ask Scott about that nickname next time you see him). I’ve been thankful for the extra time between work and delivery to get my house in order. I’ve been baking, cleaning, organizing and most importantly…finishing the nursery! It’s finally done as of today, woohoo! I thought I’d share it with you guys since most of you can’t come see it in person.

The below picture is from the hallway peering into his room. It’s not a huge space, but it works.

peering into little cj's room

This is standing at the big window looking backward at the closet and dresser.

his closet and memory board

I made a little memory board with some of the leftover fabric we used to reupholster the chair. I currently have pictures of his cousins. I need more pictures of friends and family so he knows them all!

requesting more pictures of his friends and family!

I felt the need to paint his closet. I like the color of green and want to use it everywhere! The kid will be well outfitted for the first year of his life.

little man's clothes and shoes

This is standing at the closet door looking back over the crib and just to the right of his initials is the door to the hallway.

the crib and bookshelf

I found these initials at Anthropologie. I think they are perfect for his hats and fleeces. A true northwest boy.


His little bookshelf is always growing with a new library. The hat and boots are from mimi & popop. How cute are they? That kid will know he’s got roots in texas, that’s for sure.

he's reading all those books nightly already

I love his bedding. It’s little mushrooms and squirrels. It makes me giggle and is so different and cute.

mushrooms and squirrels

Just above his crib, we had three photos we took on some of our travels stretched onto canvas. The one on the left is from Sorrento, Italy. The middle is obvious…Eiffel Tower at midnight on Jan 1 this year. And the right is Tower Bridge in London. We want him to feel a sense of adventure and have a desire to travel, so we are brainwashing him right away. I hope it works. 🙂

travel and adventure dreams coming up!

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of his bedroom. It’s just missing one thing – a baby!! Come on little Carter, we’re waiting to meet you!




7 responses

27 09 2010

So cute! Can’t wait to see a picture of precious Carter in his room!! Whenever you’re ready, sweet boy–no pressure!!!

27 09 2010

Kim! I just remembered about your blog and logged on today because I have been dying to know what is going on. The nursery looks fabulous! What a great job you guys did. I love that even Sophie the Giraffe is waiting and ready. Can’t wait to hear the news of Carter’s arrival! We’re thinking of you guys. Ciara, Alan, and Keane

27 09 2010

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. You did such a great job. I’m ready to start breathing with you. xoxo

28 09 2010

Great job on the room. I keep watching to see if there are any updates. O and I’ll send my picture as soon as I can. 🙂
I think he about done so it won’t be long now. I know you have to be ready. Have your mom come now so you gals can have some fun. waiting and watching and carrying my phone around with me.

28 09 2010

kim! i love it! great job.
carter will love it too. he probably can’t wait to tear those books off the shelves (he needs more books by the way….hmmm…christmas). and whatever you have in those baskets….he can’t wait to scatter the contents around the house.
oh boy. this is gonna be fun. i can just hear you panicking about the mess now.
good boy carter.

28 09 2010

I’ve got more books for Carter…plus a few more clothes (although none at this time with whales on them)….plus maybe a toy or two…can’t wait to see pics of him!!! Great job on his room—love it (and so will he!)

28 09 2010

The room looks great. Makes me smile…

I want to see photos of the same spots at bedtime on his first birthday…

Does Carter have a fishing pole storage area… he is going to be my fishing buddy… he is forth in line though, as I already know that girls like to fish too… as long as I bait the hook and take the fish off…

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