Who Doesn’t Love a Good Hot Dog?

31 10 2010

This guy.

not impressed

Who knew a little hot dog could be so cute? I laugh when I think about what CJ will say to me when he’s 16 and we look through these pictures (indulge me here, let’s pretend my future 16 year old boy will enjoy his mom’s company enough to look through old pictures with her) and he shakes his head with disgust at his first halloween costume.

only $1.50 including a fountain soda!

The Shortest and Longest Month of My Life

29 10 2010

It’s really, really hard to believe that Carter is a month old today. In so many ways October 1 feels like three years ago. In others, it feels like yesterday. The last 29 days have been one blur of the longest day of my life with round the clock waking and feeding, but we really can’t complain. We’ve had so much fun trying to figure out his cues and the minute we get the hang of something, he changes it up on us. Sneaky little dude.

who? me?

We have really started to see little spots of his personality shine through the cries and sleep. He gives this little half smile every now and again when he’s frustrating me. I’m so afraid already for those teenage years. He’s got my number, for sure.

sweet carter joe

Today, we did a “one month photo shoot” in his chair (thank you Cindy!). He did pretty well in it for the most part. He was quite patient with me while I tried (283 times) to capture just one good picture of him.

one month old

I couldn’t decide. Naked baby with hat? Baby in onesie? Hmm. Maybe I’ll do one of each (or 283 of each) each month and decide sometime when he’s in college and I sort through our pictures (yea, right…it will never happen, it’s been on my list for 5 years now).

one month old

One month down, a lifetime to come. Keep growing and keep us laughing, little guy!

are we going skiing?

The Elusive Family Photo

25 10 2010

The first of many, many attempts at getting a family photo began three weeks ago when CJ was born. None turned out all too well. They’re precious to us, but not so blog worthy. This weekend was a tad more successful, I think!

momma loves this snuggle bug

We went up to Kerry Park and took some pictures. Fall is officially setting in here. It’s cold, and our first windstorm has passed. We have to bundle up the little bean a lot to go out, but he LOVES to snuggle, so he just tucks into your chest or neck and keeps warm.

proud papa

His daddy rarely gives a legitimate smile for pictures. He’s pretty handsome when you can see the real deal, no? I’d say his son makes him happy.

the lpod clan

We little outing to Kerry Park. We’ve had a lot of special moments at this park. After our wedding, Scott hired a Bentley to drive us around town with a bottle of special bubbly. Kerry Park was our 2nd stop (after Pike Place Market for some non-traditional pictures). It was really fun to go up there in our wedding duds and take in the beautiful view of our favorite city in the US. It’s great to add one more special moment.

Gramps Is In Town

22 10 2010

Scott’s dad made it to town yesterday to meet his new grandson. Sadly, his mom came down with the flu and couldn’t come up. We miss her so much! Tonight, we ventured up to Kerry Park to enjoy the last bit of semi-sunshine of the weekend (a huge wind and rain storm is coming in tomorrow night) and take in the views of the city.

cj, scott, gramps taking in the view

We had a fun outing and stopped for yummy mexican food after. CJ is getting to be a champ at our outings!

It’s an SFO Style Fog

15 10 2010

I tell you what…I never expected this kind of a fog. It’s a beautiful life change, but whoa is the fog hanging over our house! I went from baking a couple loaves of bread, making a deluxe dinner, doing 8 loads of laundry, vacuuming the house, scrubbing the toilets, tending to the garden, updating the blog AND working a full day all in 15 hours. Yesterday? I felt like super woman because I got 4 loads of laundry done and heated up some frozen soup for my dinner (yeah, didn’t even feed my husband. I think he ate cold soup because I was hogging the microwave with my frozen soup).

Blame this cowboy.

a texan to the core

How ridiculously cute is he though? I promise I’ll start updating my blog regularly again. But it won’t be overnight. He’s quite demanding. He doesn’t care for my computer hi-jinx and I’m REALLY slow when forced to type with a ten pounder on my chest or in my arms.

I’ll leave you with this tidbit: Today, we three ran some errands. Barnes & Noble was on the list so we found a little quiet spot to sit and sort through the books on our list and decide which to buy. I decided it was a good opportunity to practice some nursing outside of the house (under cover of the hooter hider of course) as it was quiet and not too busy, plus I had the support of my sweet (very very very patient) husband in case we had a Janet-Justin-Wardrobe-Malfunction-Moment.

CJ is not a quiet nurser. Not by a long shot. He slurps, burps, grunts, and loads a diaper full with every feeding. That kid was so embarrassing. He grunted and groaned all the way through a massive diaper filling. He really stunk up the joint and made a man-style ruckus doing it. Scott and I were laughing so hard, I’m convinced my shaking in laughter caused one of the biggest spit-ups I’ve ever seen. We call those “milkshakes.” Motherhood? No mess, all glam. I don’t think we’ll be invited back to that B&N any time soon.

feeling glamorous