It’s an SFO Style Fog

15 10 2010

I tell you what…I never expected this kind of a fog. It’s a beautiful life change, but whoa is the fog hanging over our house! I went from baking a couple loaves of bread, making a deluxe dinner, doing 8 loads of laundry, vacuuming the house, scrubbing the toilets, tending to the garden, updating the blog AND working a full day all in 15 hours. Yesterday? I felt like super woman because I got 4 loads of laundry done and heated up some frozen soup for my dinner (yeah, didn’t even feed my husband. I think he ate cold soup because I was hogging the microwave with my frozen soup).

Blame this cowboy.

a texan to the core

How ridiculously cute is he though? I promise I’ll start updating my blog regularly again. But it won’t be overnight. He’s quite demanding. He doesn’t care for my computer hi-jinx and I’m REALLY slow when forced to type with a ten pounder on my chest or in my arms.

I’ll leave you with this tidbit: Today, we three ran some errands. Barnes & Noble was on the list so we found a little quiet spot to sit and sort through the books on our list and decide which to buy. I decided it was a good opportunity to practice some nursing outside of the house (under cover of the hooter hider of course) as it was quiet and not too busy, plus I had the support of my sweet (very very very patient) husband in case we had a Janet-Justin-Wardrobe-Malfunction-Moment.

CJ is not a quiet nurser. Not by a long shot. He slurps, burps, grunts, and loads a diaper full with every feeding. That kid was so embarrassing. He grunted and groaned all the way through a massive diaper filling. He really stunk up the joint and made a man-style ruckus doing it. Scott and I were laughing so hard, I’m convinced my shaking in laughter caused one of the biggest spit-ups I’ve ever seen. We call those “milkshakes.” Motherhood? No mess, all glam. I don’t think we’ll be invited back to that B&N any time soon.

feeling glamorous