It’s an SFO Style Fog

15 10 2010

I tell you what…I never expected this kind of a fog. It’s a beautiful life change, but whoa is the fog hanging over our house! I went from baking a couple loaves of bread, making a deluxe dinner, doing 8 loads of laundry, vacuuming the house, scrubbing the toilets, tending to the garden, updating the blog AND working a full day all in 15 hours. Yesterday? I felt like super woman because I got 4 loads of laundry done and heated up some frozen soup for my dinner (yeah, didn’t even feed my husband. I think he ate cold soup because I was hogging the microwave with my frozen soup).

Blame this cowboy.

a texan to the core

How ridiculously cute is he though? I promise I’ll start updating my blog regularly again. But it won’t be overnight. He’s quite demanding. He doesn’t care for my computer hi-jinx and I’m REALLY slow when forced to type with a ten pounder on my chest or in my arms.

I’ll leave you with this tidbit: Today, we three ran some errands. Barnes & Noble was on the list so we found a little quiet spot to sit and sort through the books on our list and decide which to buy. I decided it was a good opportunity to practice some nursing outside of the house (under cover of the hooter hider of course) as it was quiet and not too busy, plus I had the support of my sweet (very very very patient) husband in case we had a Janet-Justin-Wardrobe-Malfunction-Moment.

CJ is not a quiet nurser. Not by a long shot. He slurps, burps, grunts, and loads a diaper full with every feeding. That kid was so embarrassing. He grunted and groaned all the way through a massive diaper filling. He really stunk up the joint and made a man-style ruckus doing it. Scott and I were laughing so hard, I’m convinced my shaking in laughter caused one of the biggest spit-ups I’ve ever seen. We call those “milkshakes.” Motherhood? No mess, all glam. I don’t think we’ll be invited back to that B&N any time soon.

feeling glamorous



4 responses

16 10 2010

I always say, “You don’t get to shower for the first six weeks.” haha. Love this post, and LOVE that you are embracing motherhood so beautifully with all its not so beautiness. I can’t wait to get up there and spend time with you. Oh yeah, i’m working on a trip up there, so lets chat soon so i can start the planning!

17 10 2010

That made me laugh!!! Poor cowboy! And what’s with the UT orange socks? Do we need to worry? In the picture you texted today, he was hooking ’em with both hands! Oh dear!

18 10 2010

HA! i love the picture with the boots & hat. very cute. that can be your monthly milestone prop set! and you do look glamorous! you are such a good mommy!

26 10 2010

Call me next time you want to attempt B&N! I’ll bring my destructive crawler/loud yeller – Keane’s favorite thing these days to to yell “eeeehhh” – like The Fonz. 🙂 We hope to get over to see you soon. Alan is sick again so maybe next week? I will email you.

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