The Elusive Family Photo

25 10 2010

The first of many, many attempts at getting a family photo began three weeks ago when CJ was born. None turned out all too well. They’re precious to us, but not so blog worthy. This weekend was a tad more successful, I think!

momma loves this snuggle bug

We went up to Kerry Park and took some pictures. Fall is officially setting in here. It’s cold, and our first windstorm has passed. We have to bundle up the little bean a lot to go out, but he LOVES to snuggle, so he just tucks into your chest or neck and keeps warm.

proud papa

His daddy rarely gives a legitimate smile for pictures. He’s pretty handsome when you can see the real deal, no? I’d say his son makes him happy.

the lpod clan

We little outing to Kerry Park. We’ve had a lot of special moments at this park. After our wedding, Scott hired a Bentley to drive us around town with a bottle of special bubbly. Kerry Park was our 2nd stop (after Pike Place Market for some non-traditional pictures). It was really fun to go up there in our wedding duds and take in the beautiful view of our favorite city in the US. It’s great to add one more special moment.




5 responses

25 10 2010

Love the Lpod family of three!!

26 10 2010

Great pics!!!! The background is so beautiful it looks fake. Love you three, and you all look fabulous for having a little toot on your hands. can’t wait to see you!

26 10 2010

Love the pictures…and getting to see the smallest Lpod!!!

26 10 2010

What a good looking family !

27 10 2010

awesome pictures!!!!!!

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