The Shortest and Longest Month of My Life

29 10 2010

It’s really, really hard to believe that Carter is a month old today. In so many ways October 1 feels like three years ago. In others, it feels like yesterday. The last 29 days have been one blur of the longest day of my life with round the clock waking and feeding, but we really can’t complain. We’ve had so much fun trying to figure out his cues and the minute we get the hang of something, he changes it up on us. Sneaky little dude.

who? me?

We have really started to see little spots of his personality shine through the cries and sleep. He gives this little half smile every now and again when he’s frustrating me. I’m so afraid already for those teenage years. He’s got my number, for sure.

sweet carter joe

Today, we did a “one month photo shoot” in his chair (thank you Cindy!). He did pretty well in it for the most part. He was quite patient with me while I tried (283 times) to capture just one good picture of him.

one month old

I couldn’t decide. Naked baby with hat? Baby in onesie? Hmm. Maybe I’ll do one of each (or 283 of each) each month and decide sometime when he’s in college and I sort through our pictures (yea, right…it will never happen, it’s been on my list for 5 years now).

one month old

One month down, a lifetime to come. Keep growing and keep us laughing, little guy!

are we going skiing?




4 responses

30 10 2010

Loved the pictures…looking forward to more. Even though I haven’t met Carter Joe in person yet, I’m beginning to feel like I know him through your pictures! I love this little guy!!!

30 10 2010

Cute captions! He’s really chunking up! Not a newborn anymore.

30 10 2010

Check out those biceps … Looking good… you da’ Man.

31 10 2010

awww…i really need some snuggle time with that kid.

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