Frequent Flyer Miles

22 11 2010

Most of you know Scott and I traveled on business for many years. Between the two of us we had close to 1,000,000 miles before we were married. We really want CJ to start earning his own as well. I mean, a kid’s gotta earn his travels, right? Ok, fine. Not quite yet.

Carter and I flew to Texas when he was 6 weeks old. I wanted to take advantage of my leave and see family and attend a dear friend’s wedding. It was slightly terrifying to travel alone with a 6 week old, but we survived. He did really well, actually! He slept most of the way there and only cried when he got bonked on the head with an armrest (my first entry in the ‘mom of the year’ contest). Twice (does that make two entries?).

The first night we were there, sweet Jessica pulled together a group of amazing women to come meet Carter. It was a blast to see everyone in one place!

carter joe, pam, sam

one of my oldest friends, sweet jessica

Reid made a brief appearance. Is he not a dead ringer for his mom? They even have the exact same hair texture. He’s a doll and has the same bubbly personality as Al.

reidsta and sweet al, my college roomie

We took a quick picture of the boys on the couch. Ryan was super thrilled to be a part of it.

ryan, cj, and reid

We were all laughing so hard at mr. toe picker. Reid played along. Carter just hoped he didn’t fall over.


I’ve known almost all of these women since I was 3 years old. I think it’s incredible that they came to meet CJ and visit with us. We’re blessed to have such special moms!

my mom #2

sandy and cynde

Sharla had to work, so she came over to Jessica’s to meet Carter for the first time. The 4 of us got some quality time together on the floor. It is one of my favorite memories of 2010. Thank you Jessica for pulling together such a fun gathering!!

three generations

The next day, Abby & Katie got to meet Carter. Abby’s first question used to be “Where’s Cott?”. Her new first (and repeated) question is now “Can I hold CJ?”.

carter meets his cousins

His cousins just wanted to love on him the whole weekend.

so sweet

Abby got her wish. She’s so gentle with him. It must be all the practice with her dolls.

can i hold cj?

We tried to get a picture of the grandkids for my mom’s Christmas card. Yeah. Impossible. Carter looks exasperated at his female cousins.

katie's expression is priceless. so is piper's.

We also got to have lunch with Scott’s family. Carter got a chance to meet his Grammy, cousins, aunt and uncle!

hugging grammy

I’d say Grammy was pretty happy.

grammy and her grandkids

There’s someone missing from this picture! We had a great time at lunch, how great that it is so easy to get together when we’re in Texas.

missing scott

We’ll be blazing that road (jet stream?) between Seattle and Texas quite often in the near future, what a great little flyer we have on our hands.




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