November Snow

23 11 2010

Our return trip from Texas was… interesting? Yeah. Interesting. Carter screamed the entire flight. Which took well over 4 hours because of head winds. A four year old girl (singing Ke$ha — look it up if you don’t know) kicked my seat the entire way, so each time I got Carter calmed down, he would startle awake to this gem behind me.

When we landed in Seattle, the airport was pure mayhem. It had been snowing all day and (per usual, get on it Seattle) the city was caught off guard and all routes into the airport were at a complete stand still due to car and bus accidents. It took Scott 7 (yes.SEVEN) hours to get to us at the airport. I sat on the floor of baggage claim to nurse CJ because there wasn’t an empty seat to be found. When Scott finally got to us, Carter was completely wiped out from his screaming insanity earlier in the evening. Fortunately, he slept the entire 4 hours it took us to go 19 miles to the house.

We woke the next morning to a beautiful 2″ of snow. Amazing what 2″ of snow can do to a city built on hills.

stiff baby unsure of the cold

He didn’t seem to notice, except for the take-your-breath-away-cold he felt when we took him outside. Next year, he’ll be all over the snow.

i'm sorry, why is my first snow so cool? it's cold.

This is a La Nina year, so I expect we’ll see some more of the white stuff before it’s all said and done. Let’s just hope it’s NOT on a day we are traveling (ehem, Christmas 2006 repeat, no).

seriously, guys. let's go inside.




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