January Sleep Study

31 01 2011

As you may have read, we ran into some sleep issues and I called in Mimi to control her boy. Actually, my sweet mom offered to come help me so I could get some rest. I even slept until 10am one day! Carter got some much needed snuggle time with Mimi and all was right with the world again.

what? me? i've not been causing any trouble.

I’m sure this is the first of many confusing “what happened to my sweet baby” moments. But it was brutal with a capital B. Thankfully, we’re back to long sleep cycles. The last four nights have been 12.5 hours minus a little dream feed. I’m knocking wood. Right now. Because I know that with each minute, he could wake up sick, hungry, or just wanting to hang out with mommy and daddy. All night. You hear that kid? I know it’s temporary. But keep it up! For the next 17.5 years!

uhoh! who brought in mimi? can you get my mommy under control, she wants to sleep through the night.

While Mimi was here, we decided to put together the exersaucer. The kid went cross-eyed (see below). It’s kind of funny. With all of his big toys, his main focus on the first few days is the arms that hold up the cool stuff.

ten whole milestones!

He’d still rather snuggle with mimi.

mimi and her boy

Oh! In the midst of all this craziness, he learned a few things: he’s rolling over from his front to back and almost his back to front. He’s mastered grabbing both feet… so sayonara cute socks. We should just plan to have mixed socks from now on as he loves to tug them off and chuck ’em. But who cares? Look at those chunky thighs! So adorable.

chunky monkey

Alas, Mimi had to go home. We were so thankful for her help and got some much needed rest, a date night with my hubby, and some good chat time with one of my favorite people on this planet. Love you momma (sm).

Flashback: Christmas 2010

26 01 2011

Some comedy and chaos for a morning laugh

Bringing Out the Big Guns

20 01 2011

Dear sweet Carter has been the sweetest little peach during the day and the biggest animal maniac at night. On Sunday night, we hit a rock bottom of waking up 13 times. I think it was worse than his first week of life! This was tough considering he started sleeping 9 hours a night at 7 weeks and 11 hours at 10 weeks. It is absolutely incredible how easy it is to get used to sleeping at night again.

Well, while we were in Texas, the kiddo started waking at night again. We figured it was due to the time zone shift and travel, etc. Well…it progressively got worse until we hit Sunday.

Guess who showed up to save me on Tuesday?

blurry cell phone pic, but captures the moment

He is enamored by his Mimi. Who is this lady who snuggles on me and spoils me? She doesn’t seem frustrated when I cry. She doesn’t cry when I cry. She makes me laugh.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world. And I think Carter is the luckiest dude in the world. The sleep is getting a little better each night, we’re figuring out some new patterns and doing some hard core “sleep training.” Hopefully by the time Mimi leaves, my sweet baby returns (he’s still here during the day, I just want my night sleeper back).

Thanks Mimi, you keep us smiling!

trendy little dude


Laughter Can Make Anything Better

9 01 2011

Well, it’s official. We’ve hit a rough patch. Carter has been awake about every two hours over the last four days/nights. Mommy is exhausted. Daddy is exhausted. Carter is…Carter. Definitely fussier than our normal happy guy, much less agreeable to being put down for naps and bedtime. But still laughing.

I took this video on Saturday afternoon. The laughter helped all of us get through the next night (even if there were tears from more than one member of the family in the middle of the night).

Three Months Old

6 01 2011

Carter turned three months old on January 1. It’s hard to believe how quickly time is going. I already miss the snuggle bug who burrowed into the crook of my neck and slept there for hours. He’s still a big time snuggler, but sleeps exclusively in his crib now. It’s bittersweet. It’s nice to have my arms back, but oooooh, so sweet.

We didn’t have a doctor appointment this month, so my measurements might be a tad off, but he seems to weigh about 17 pounds and is 25.5″ long. He’s FULL of smiles. 

hey mama, what's that clicking?

He does this thing where he tucks his chin and smiles with his eyes.

oh, is that for me?

Sometimes he does a sharp intake of breath that turns into all he can muster as a laugh.

you're taking a lot of those pictures

And just in the last day or two he’s been full on laughing. A good hard chuckle. I’m still trying to capture it on camera.

you're embarrassing me

He’s such a happy baby. He is chuckling at more than lights and fans now.

those clicks are making me laugh

If you repeat after him (agoooooo, gurgle gurgle gurgle) he’ll play with you for hours.

okay, last one. i'll smile big.


Ringing in 2011

1 01 2011

Did you make it to the last tick of the clock for 2010?

I didn’t. Scott didn’t. THANKFULLY, Carter didn’t either. We went to bed around 11pm and turned on the bedroom tv to the local news station in hopes of catching the Space Needle fireworks at midnight. The neighbors had their own glorious firework show (hello, black cats. I wish those would be banned forever) that woke us up. I bumped Scott awake.  He rubbed his eyes, put on his glasses and we caught the last few minutes of the Space Needle show, said “Happy 2011” and cratered. Until 3:30am. That’s when Carter likes to party.

We decided to have an impromptu celebration to ring in 2011 with a small brunch instead of a late night gathering this year. We had a crisp, sunny day again today, the perfect winter day!

Jack & Jessica were busy telling stories about their travels back east.

jess and jack

While Liz & Madelyn told us about Colorado, Carter and I talked about our long trip to Texas.

Really, the moms gabbed about how their kids haven’t been sleeping well and analyzed their patterns to pieces. When did you stop swaddling? Has he found his thumb yet? Who has two teeth?? My how life has changed.

liz and madelyn

The kids really just played together.

are you playing with MY jungle friends?

Kind of.

that is my giraffe!

As you can see, Jack is quite expressive. He and Madelyn kept us entertained throughout brunch.

here comes trouble

Carter is 13 weeks in this picture, and his buddy Jack is almost 16 weeks.

carter joe and jack

Madelyn is 7 1/2 months old. The boys sure are trying to get her attention. Carter was all grins and drools when he looked at her. Myron was keeping a very close eye on those boys.

their first of many games of leans

It’s hard to believe that last year at this time none of these little guys were with us yet. They’ve brightened our lives in ways we didn’t think possible. They brought such great joy to 2010 and are sure to bring even more to 2011.

carter joe (3mo), madelyn (7mo), jack (4mo)

Happy New Year, sweet readers! Here’s to a healthy, happy 2011.