Laughter Can Make Anything Better

9 01 2011

Well, it’s official. We’ve hit a rough patch. Carter has been awake about every two hours over the last four days/nights. Mommy is exhausted. Daddy is exhausted. Carter is…Carter. Definitely fussier than our normal happy guy, much less agreeable to being put down for naps and bedtime. But still laughing.

I took this video on Saturday afternoon. The laughter helped all of us get through the next night (even if there were tears from more than one member of the family in the middle of the night).




5 responses

10 01 2011

Who knew Scottford was so funny? Precious Carter–love your laugh!!

11 01 2011
Aunt Sue

such a sweet laugh…could listen to this over & over & over!!!

15 01 2011

Is there anything sweeter than a laughing baby? LOVE it!!!! He looks just like a Kruger!!

16 01 2011

adorable – it is the best sound 🙂 love it!

22 01 2011

O the laugh is so sweet. Hope the sleeping is going better.

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