Bringing Out the Big Guns

20 01 2011

Dear sweet Carter has been the sweetest little peach during the day and the biggest animal maniac at night. On Sunday night, we hit a rock bottom of waking up 13 times. I think it was worse than his first week of life! This was tough considering he started sleeping 9 hours a night at 7 weeks and 11 hours at 10 weeks. It is absolutely incredible how easy it is to get used to sleeping at night again.

Well, while we were in Texas, the kiddo started waking at night again. We figured it was due to the time zone shift and travel, etc. Well…it progressively got worse until we hit Sunday.

Guess who showed up to save me on Tuesday?

blurry cell phone pic, but captures the moment

He is enamored by his Mimi. Who is this lady who snuggles on me and spoils me? She doesn’t seem frustrated when I cry. She doesn’t cry when I cry. She makes me laugh.

I’m the luckiest girl in the world. And I think Carter is the luckiest dude in the world. The sleep is getting a little better each night, we’re figuring out some new patterns and doing some hard core “sleep training.” Hopefully by the time Mimi leaves, my sweet baby returns (he’s still here during the day, I just want my night sleeper back).

Thanks Mimi, you keep us smiling!

trendy little dude





4 responses

21 01 2011

The trendy little dude picture is AWESOME!!! Tell me you took more pics of him in that hat. He’s so darn adorable and i want to eat him up. I’ll come up and spoil him and snuggle with him anytime.


Kim, we need to talk about a possible trip up there in March. Ashley’s climbing mount hood. i’ll find out the exact weekend.

21 01 2011

Love that little hat!!! GO MIMI!!!!!!

21 01 2011
Aunt Sue

trendy little dude is adorable!!!

23 01 2011

Ok… now I am jealous. Moose dude is good looking.

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