What Books Do YOU Read?

28 02 2011

We get asked that question a lot. My friend Jessica formed a book club last year. Our first meeting was in January, 2010. Two of the gals were pregnant, due in May (within two weeks of one another). I had suspicion that Jessica was pregnant. I was pregnant (but not telling anyone yet). Well, it turns out that every girl in our book club was expecting. All of the babies have been born now, and they are one cute brood.

jack (sep13), ella (sep24), lainie (oct7), madelyn (may30), carter (oct1)

Last summer, when I would mention that my book club was pregnant, people would say “what in the world? what kind of book club is that??”. I promise. It’s a run of the mill, standard book club. With lots of cute additions this year.

talk to the hand, slobber boy

We met on Sunday this week to discuss Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (I told you they were legit books!). We did get to discuss a little of the book, but of course the babies tend to take over any adult conversation.

they all look like they have their own secret to tell (no fan though)

Not all of the book club babies made it, but a good chunk of them did. How awesome are they? Chubby little buggers.

missing a few, but oh so cute

We’re keeping up with the book club, babies are always invited, books are sometimes optional, good friendship is always there. It’s been fun to go through this major life change with such neat women. I look forward to raising our chubby munchkins together!

PopPop and His Boy

26 02 2011

Doesn’t Carter Joe look so much like his PopPop right now?

poppop (joe) and carter joe - both before 6 months old



17 02 2011


Most of you have probably noticed the bumpie on Carter Joe’s little head (ok, let’s face it that kid has a HUGE head – Scott says he looks like Charlie Brown). Contrary to popular belief (from strangers all around), I did not drop him on his head. It’s called a hemangioma. It occurs in approximately 20% of babies in the US. They don’t really know what causes it, but there are some theories out there. One is that blood vessels broke free while he was forming but trapped under his first layer of skin. Others say it’s related to high hormones and low oxygen at birth (check and check).

he wasn't jumping on a bed

Regardless of how it is caused, it does not hurt him and it is not permanent. It gets a little dry and I have to work to keep it moisturized so he doesn’t break the skin. That’s the only time it could get rough. Because there are blood vessels at the surface, it would be tough to heal and would bleed a lot.

he didn't fall out of his chair

Most doctors you ask will tell you it should be gone by the time he’s 1 or 2. Carter’s started growing by about week 5 and boy did it grow! I believe it has stopped growing by the last week of December. Once it stops growing, it will stay the same for a while and then should begin shrinking.

It’s hard not to be vain and worry about if it doesn’t go away, but it’s a very important lesson to be learned early in his life. Teach him to understand uniquenesses and see his beauty (handsomeness?). Boy is he handsome!

handsome bugger

His little mark has been labeled a lot of funny things. Bookmark (instead of birth mark, by Abby), angel bite (instead of angel kiss), and my favorite is that he has a super chip implanted in his head to make him smarter than all the others (by kkr).

laughing at himself

Anyhoo…I wanted to let y’all know what it was all about…my handsome little boy has a special little mark of love. 🙂 Oh, and a quick word of advice – don’t ever ask a new (extremely hormonal) mom if she dropped her baby on his head. Ok? Ok.

I Still Like to Cook

15 02 2011

It seems my little online diary and collection of recipes has turned for the baby. Baby this, baby that. He’s precious. And all-consuming. But I’ve still been taking culinary adventures here and again. I just find pictures of my food aren’t nearly as cute as pictures of my little valentine.

the table is set

Scott and I have a tradition of making a picnic on the floor, listening to music, eating stinky cheeses, and drinking a nice glass of wine for Valentine’s day. Well…I can’t eat the cheese this year. And I sit on the floor all too often. So I stepped it up a notch and made Osso Buco. Woweee was it tasty! I served it over fresh pappardelle with a side of wilted spinach tossed with olive oil and a bit of crisped coppa. We shared an amazing Brunello di Montalcino (the wine we brought back with us from our honeymoon in Italy).

osso buco con gremolata

I gave Scott a little bar of gourmet chocolate and he gave me a CD – that we listened to while we ate! It was a perfect way to spend valentine’s day!

Signs You Have Become a Mother

11 02 2011

How many of you have entered a new phase in life and said “I’ll never do x…” (think blush and bashful – Steel Magnolias). Then you catch yourself in the midst of it all doing x. Probably y and z too. This post is a perfect example of things I said I would not do. But let’s face it. Life changes. In so many wonderful ways, funny ways, and exhausting ways.

Today I was called ma’am by the 17 year old girl who helped me get my groceries out to the car this afternoon, I giggled at being called ma’am (and having someone help me get groceries to my car) and sighed. Oh, how life has changed. It inspired a short list of signs you’ve become a mother.

  1. You try to trick your baby and wear cotton until just before walking out the door. Babies must not be fans of cashmere. They throw up on fine fabrics.
  2. Stop lights take foooooooooooooorever now.
  3. Driving to the suburbs is now a fun errand because it guarantees a quality nap (yeah, that’s right Dr. Weissbluth, it’s a NAP. In motion. And this momma says it counts)
  4. Driving to the suburbs does not take as long as it used to (so you pick a farther suburb or take the route that goes all the way around the metro area before landing at your destination 12 miles from home – not a popular choice in my green city).
  5. You forget to put on half of your outfit (see #1), but your 4 month old boy has matching shirt, overalls, sweater, hat and socks.
  6. You actually DO need help getting your groceries in your car (thank goodness for the kind souls who schlep our groceries out to the car in the rain).
  7. You are not embarrassed to do really dumb dances and moves to get your kid to laugh.
  8. You DO know the muffin man. He lives on Drury Lane.
  9. You’ve discovered unknown pockets of fat (thanks to those little busy hands grabbing at you while nursing). Your back-of-the-arm-fat (no parade waves for me), your belly fat (thanks kid, I blame you), your neck fat (what? I didn’t know that was there! OUCH that hurts).
  10. You look at your own mother in a totally different light that you didn’t think possible.
  11. You also regret things you said to your mother during those pesky teenage years. “It’s YOUR money comes to mind.” Gah. Payback’s going to be rough.
  12. You used to hate it when someone put their hands on your face (ew, I’m going to break out there!) and you relish the moment when two little clammy, chubby hands hold the sides of your face.
  13. Sloppy kisses used to make you call your girlfriends and laugh while telling them about said sloppy kiss.
  14. Sloppy kisses STILL make you want to call your girlfriends and laugh while telling them about said sloppy kiss. Only the giver of the kiss has changed.
  15. Your heart is stretched to its limits. You feel proud and sad and scared and happier than you’ve ever felt all at the same time while you watch your little human grow and learn.