Who Should I Strangle?

7 02 2011

What genius came up with the idea to flavor baby medicine PEPPERMINT? I mean. Really. Peppermint! These things make a mother want to walk up to the door of the pharmaceutical company and ask if they ever had a kid.

Carter has reflux. A fairly decent case of it. It was diagnosed when he was 6 weeks old (after a couple weeks of non stop screaming, poor me little guy). His pediatrician prescribed Ranitidine, or Zantac. The formula is specifically designed for babies. And it’s peppermint flavored. The pharmacy can add a sweet flavor to make it better. So we add tutti frutti. It’s sort of coconutty. Pina colada if you will. Cherry would be red and my house would then be red. So white tutti frutti it is.

You know when you go to the beach and the waiters bring by fruity drinks with flowers and umbrellas in them? Has one of them ever offered you a pina colada mixed with a candy cane? If they do, decline politely. It’s vile. Straight up vile. Poor Carter has to take 1.6mL of this stuff three times a day. He’s getting more and more creative at avoiding it. My favorite is when he sneezes immediately following a bit. Then I get to be coated in Pepperina Colada too (it actually burns my lips when it hits them). Sadly, he used to just cry every time. But now he is far more creative…