What Books Do YOU Read?

28 02 2011

We get asked that question a lot. My friend Jessica formed a book club last year. Our first meeting was in January, 2010. Two of the gals were pregnant, due in May (within two weeks of one another). I had suspicion that Jessica was pregnant. I was pregnant (but not telling anyone yet). Well, it turns out that every girl in our book club was expecting. All of the babies have been born now, and they are one cute brood.

jack (sep13), ella (sep24), lainie (oct7), madelyn (may30), carter (oct1)

Last summer, when I would mention that my book club was pregnant, people would say “what in the world? what kind of book club is that??”. I promise. It’s a run of the mill, standard book club. With lots of cute additions this year.

talk to the hand, slobber boy

We met on Sunday this week to discuss Snow Flower and the Secret Fan (I told you they were legit books!). We did get to discuss a little of the book, but of course the babies tend to take over any adult conversation.

they all look like they have their own secret to tell (no fan though)

Not all of the book club babies made it, but a good chunk of them did. How awesome are they? Chubby little buggers.

missing a few, but oh so cute

We’re keeping up with the book club, babies are always invited, books are sometimes optional, good friendship is always there. It’s been fun to go through this major life change with such neat women. I look forward to raising our chubby munchkins together!




2 responses

1 03 2011

Sooo cute and so fun that they’re so close in age. Lots of good times ahead. Kind of makes me afraid to go to our book club next week, however!!

1 03 2011

What a riot. That is going to be a great book club when they are all about 2 years old. Oh my…

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