Five Months

3 03 2011

February was a short month! Can you believe Carter is already five months old?

i've learned how to stick out my tongue...good trait for later

He’s developing quite the squirmy, happy personality.

i can't sit still for very long

These “birthday month” photo shoots are getting more difficult.

full of smiles and giggles

Because someone I know is trying to sit up on his own in his little chair.

whoa mom, that camera is close but look at me sit up

And surprises himself when he gets a little of that independence.

did you see, mom?

But he can’t sit still for long. Most of the 300 pictures I took look like this.

gotta go. there are plastic giraffes that need squeezing.

He rolls right out of his chair and sits on the floor. Hey, at least I can snap some pictures near his chair.

oh, i'll sit here for a bit

His other favorite thing to do is put EVERYTHING in his mouth. Anything. And everything. Let the babyproofing begin.

can i eat the chair?

He’s a lot of fun though. He’s a giggle box. He sometimes will laugh completely unprompted. Just lets out the giggles. Especially if he sees another little person. They’re the funniest.

sweet baby

He’s finally started liking hats. When I used to put hats on him we’d have a screaming fit like no other. He seems to like them okay now.

the apple of my eye

At five months, Carter weighs 19 1/2 pounds and is around 28 inches long. He’s a big dude. One of his favorite activities is pulling both feet up to his mouth. He’s successfully chewed both big toes in one sitting a few times, but usually only has one at a time. He’s still not rolling from back to front, but he is very close. When he lays in his crib, he’ll arch his back and look up at the camera watching him, he almost flips over to his belly when he does this. Little stinker.

He’s still quite a snuggly baby. Especially when he just wakes up from a nap. He loves his daddy. If he doesn’t get to see daddy one day (sometimes he has to work late), he sleeps poorer and is not as cheery as normal. I think it’s related.

He’s really ticklish. If you tickle under his armpits he lets out an adorable belly laugh. That belly laugh will brighten any gloomy Seattle February day.





3 responses

4 03 2011

He can stick out his tongue at those girls that throw rocks at him!

6 03 2011

i love the first pic … so cute! i can’t believe he is already 5 months!!

9 04 2011
Amy chandler

How did I miss the first picture? The cutest pic of Carter ever!

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