Spring Has Sprung!

21 03 2011

Yay for spring! This La Nina winter was a little brutal, and I’m sure it has some more to offer, but we got a little dose of spring weather this weekend. It was in the 60s and sunny on Saturday (double woo for a weekend day too!). Our yard always needs much attention on that first sunny warmish day, so Scott, CJ and I spent our day outside. I brought my little garden gnome out in his bumbo with plenty of toys and deadheaded/pruned our 4 hydrangeas while Scott whacked the wild rose bush to the ground and mowed.

Halfway through, I realized Carter Joe has barely spent any time outside in his short little life. He’s been out for many walks with me, but he’s usually bundled up and we hurry on through our walk and get back into the warmth as soon as possible. So I took a break from my pruning and laid in the grass with him. At first, he was in a trance just taking in his sights and sounds. Then it just sort of clicked for him and he let out this big belly laugh and started enjoying himself.

my little garden gnome

I sat him in the grass to give him his first feel of it. He was a little unsure of it, but then started to grab at it with his hands. I suspect next time we’ll be trying our hardest to put handfuls of it in our mouth.

Here’s to softer breezes, warmer days, longer days, and the impending summer. Regardless of the weather, I have a feeling it will be the best spring and summer yet.




5 responses

21 03 2011

Moose do like grass…

21 03 2011

I want those cheeks!!!! Love your little garden gnome…..I need to get mine out in that grass too……lazzzzy days here.

21 03 2011

What a darling gnome you have. And sounds like he loves nature just like his parents. đŸ™‚

21 03 2011

cutest garden gnome i’ve ever seen!

21 03 2011

Precious baby boy! Growing up way too fast!

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