Carter Goes to College

31 03 2011

Last weekend the l-pod packed up their belongings, a pack-n-play, a car seat, a stroller, and a suit and headed on a last minute trip to Berkeley, California. We thought we’d go get a dose of that famous California sunshine. Yeah. Right. It was chilly for most of our trip, but we did get a good hour in the sun before we flew on Monday.

scott in front of sather tower

The real reason for our trip was an interview. Scott interviewed at the school of business for an executive MBA program.

pruned london planes

That’s right. Scott’s going back to school!

enjoying college life with a view of the distant golden gate bridge

He found out today he was accepted to the program. He needs to investigate the schedule just a little bit and make sure all is good, but it looks like our house is getting a little smarter. And busier!

beautiful berkeley campus

Carter thinks it’s awesome. While we were there, he skipped naps, he broke curfew and even got to party at a college pub (ok, kidding there). He had a great time and charmed all those college students.

my boys breaking curfew

Actually, Scott and I got a good laugh on Monday. I cruised through campus with my buddy in a stroller to meet Scott after his interview by the bell tower. I got A LOT of funny stares from students. I decided it was a nice little reminder of how to behave with all the freedom being a college student allows.

scott teaching cj about the dinosaurs in the life sciences building

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in the Lpod house. Scott might soon be a Columbia University & Cal Berkeley student all in one (the program is a joint offering from both universities – whoa). We won’t be relocating to the bay area or new york, and Scott will keep working. It’s a program where he’ll travel to either university about every three weeks for a few days. It’s definitely going to be an undertaking for all of us! We’ll know for sure which way we’re going in the next few days. Exciting times!




3 responses

1 04 2011

VERY exciting times!!!! Smarty pants is getting smarter!!!! Congrats on the acceptance!

1 04 2011

WOW that is great. All that and you won’t have to relocate. Well the learning goes on.
Perhaps travel points can be made while going back and forth. That’s a good thing.
Anyway, Congrats to all three of you. 🙂

3 04 2011

Congrats, Scottford! We’re proud of you! (But don’t tell anybody I said that!)

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