Happy Halfsies Carter Joe!

1 04 2011

Wow. My boy turned six months old today. I feel a little sappy about it. He’s really changed my world – in all good ways. It wasn’t until they laid him on my chest at the hospital that I understood the deepest bond and love one could ever feel. The one your mom talks about. The one that other moms talk about. That feeling of completion you didn’t know existed. This kid fills it. Becoming a parent is terrifying in the best way possible. It’s hard to become so vulnerable and open to pain, but it’s the most exciting and enjoyable step in life one can take. I’m so thankful to know that potential pain because it means I know the best love. My sweet family has made me feel more alive than I’ve ever felt.

Uh, yeah. I’m in love with my little munchkin. *awkward pause while I compose myself*

Time for his six month pictures? Ok…

Carter decided he wanted to dress up for his pictures this month. I mean, it’s time to show off! He’s a half year old!

where's my orange onesie, mom?

But with a tie, comes attitude. This boy is busy. He’s got teething toys to decimate and has no patience for his mama snapping picture after picture.

this better be the only photo shoot, i'm busy today!

That’s right. He’s cutting his two bottom teeth. He’s just  a bit fussy and a little more jumpy (Scott walked in to quietly say good morning and the kid jumped out of his skin)… oh and he’ll chew your face off if you get too near his mouth.

oh? no orange onesie this time? whew!

Seriously, he’s got appointments. And toys to focus on. In the picture below he’s staring intently at his dump truck that throws blocks off the back. He wants it bad. And he knows if he stares long enough the magical powers of mommy will bring it to him.

oh, i need to get busy chewing on that dump truck!

Yep, he’s got it right. I’m wrapped around that little finger.

will you bring it to me?

But I’m on to him.

if i smile bigger will you?

Soon, I’m going to make him start crawling for those toys. His first experiment with it yesterday went perfectly as planned.

oh, i guess i have to get it myself

Until I got those sweet pleading eyes asking for the dump truck with blocks.

pretty please?

I’d been had. I gave him the blocks. In all seriousness, he’s starting to show signs of an army crawl (not getting up on all fours yet) to get to things. He lays on his belly and scoots (over a very long period of time) toward what he wants. He yells (but doesn’t cry) and grunts out of frustration at his inability to get them (I’ve tried whispering in my best obi wan voice “use the force, young one” but it doesn’t work). He’s rolling over both ways now and that’s another mechanism of getting what he wants. He’s not quite sitting up on his own. He will for a few minutes, but then topples over to one side. He’s a little blockhead and has a lot of weight up there to hold up.

He’s one of the smiliest kids I’ve ever met.  He still tucks his little face into your neck when someone smiles at him from afar. It’s his little game of pretending to be shy. When he gets really excited about something he pants a little bit and then lets out this little squeal of delight. I took him swimming this week for the first time. Much like his garden gnome experience, he sat in a trance for the first few minutes until it “popped” for him that this was fun. After that he was kicking, splashing, and trying to tell everyone in the pool how much fun he was having. His way of telling them was to make eye contact and let out his long string of babble. In the locker room after, he was even more chatty. I thought he was going to pass out from all the glee (maybe it was all the tatas? we were in a locker room). He was panting and kicking and just outwardly talking to everyone in there. He’s usually pretty shy with new people…I guess new experiences are opening him up a little bit.

He’s weighing in at a hefty 21 pound and is 28 inches long. Still a moose.




5 responses

2 04 2011

LOVE the ‘pretty please with cherry on top hat’ picture!! Such a sweet boy! I’ll give you the dump truck to chew on any day CJ gnome!!

3 04 2011

Such a sweet, handsome boy. Stacy’s favorite picture is also mine. Love you sweet, Carter. Miss you!! Are you really already 6 months old?

3 04 2011

Yo Carter… your looking good my man. I know your Mom made you wear that tie, but thats ok… you still looked cool. Tell your buddies about the swimming experience and I bet they will come with you next time. Awesome.

Happy Halfsies!

You da Moose…

Love ya Man !

5 04 2011

he is just so darn adorable!!!!

6 04 2011
Amy Chandler

He is just getting more beautiful every time I see his pictures. You guys are such great parents!! 🙂

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