Earth Laughs in Flowers

11 04 2011

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

We’ve been working on a new (improved) nap schedule the last few days. Which leads to what I like to call “the witching hour.” That time when Carter should have gone down for a nap, but would have slept till bed time. And who does that (I’d like to)? Typically, I fill that time with a bath or some other nonsense. On Sunday, since Daddy was home, we all went to the park by our house. It was cold. It was raining. But Scott can make almost any kid laugh in almost any situation.

what's up in the trees?

It’s a gift. He has woo’d all of our nieces and little human friends with his silliness.

what are you doing daddy?

Some of them (abby) will call my cell phone and demand to talk to him. When I tell them he’s at work there’s a (ho-hum) “oh” followed by awkward silence. Then a prompt from the adult voice behind the phone “tell anKim you love her!”

seriously. don't embarrass me in front of my tall yellow buddies.

It’s really pretty entertaining. It’s one of my favorite features of my husband. I now have a few tricks up my sleeve and can get them to engage me on the phone.

someone? help? what's daddy doing??

But I’ll never have the skills of my husband in ‘make any kid laugh in any situation’ department.

maybe if i give this fake smile, he'll stop

Did you notice Carter’s been sitting up all this time? He sat all by himself through the whole photo shoot (3.273 minutes or ~175 pictures).

ok. he's actually kinda funny.

He also cut three teeth last week. THREE! One on top, two on bottom. He does not like to show them off though.

right, mama?

He’d far prefer to stick his tongue out at you and blow raspberries.

hahaha. i thought so!

He also loves to do 360 rolls now. You set him down and off he goes.


Today, he learned how to open drawers. I fear for what is to come of my house.

ok, let's get serious. mom's taking pictures

It is not very organized to begin with. Add to it someone little who likes to open drawers and doesn’t like to put things back.

i can't hold it in anymore

This is why I’ve been making more progress on his playroom downstairs. I’ll put up some foam walls and just plop him down there, right? No? Hm.

big smiles for a family day (minute) at the park

Hope you enjoyed our trip to the park on Sunday. Spring is making itself present in small doses, but they are bright and pretty doses! Bring on summer, already!




One response

12 04 2011

O I just don’t know which picture I like best. All of them I guess. I looked a few times then the post before this one came into view. Home made hamburger buns!!! Really??? Homemade!! “I didn’t want to go to the store again so I decided to make my buns for the sloppy joes” Who does that????? You have made my list of top notch SAHM. I can’t seem to get past the homemade hamburger buns. I’m working on it.

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