Earth’s Belly Laugh?

18 04 2011

***warning – this post is full of self indulgent pictures of carter. unlike the rest of this blog these days.***
(why didn’t they invent the sarcasm font?)

Well, we were a couple of days early. Maybe even a mere 18 hours early. But we hit up the tulip fields in The Skagit Valley on Sunday. The daffodils were in full glory, and some tulip fields had popped. But yesterday afternoon and today we got a lot of sun and the fields REALLY popped as seen on the news this evening.

Maybe Carter and I should go back while daddy is at work this week? Hmmm…..

Who would take pictures of he and I together?

And what good are they without Scott?

He’s the one who makes Carter laugh.

And helps me take the collection bins to place my sweet child.

So others can take his picture. It’s something about babies and flowers, I suppose. I’m confident in my pre-Carter years I took pictures of unkown munchkins in tulip fields. Maybe it’s their innocence paired with natural beauty?

It’s almost intoxicating.

Oh? Sorry. Was that too much? Kids are sweet. Flowers are pretty. Is that okay?

Ahh. Better. Smiling boy.

His face below looks like “seriously mom. STOP embarrassing me. okaaaaaay, that’s funny.”

And this is just one of my most favorite pictures of all time.

He’s sitting in the mud. I think he likes it!

No, wait. Really! Guys!

I was tellin’ a joke!

And the chicken said….

Sorry. I get side tracked easily these days. I have a little ham on my hands (nooooo, I was talking about Carter, not Scott!). We had a great family adventure up to Skagit Valley. I’ll be sure to keep you guys up to date if we go back this week (sun is to be expected despite the SNOW that fell on us this morning).



4 responses

19 04 2011


19 04 2011

Had to look again! I love all of his expressions!

19 04 2011

What a beautiful family… scenery isn’t too bad either.

We really like all of the different poses. I keep going back and looking more… and seeing more… fun.

20 04 2011
Aunt Sue

Beeeeutiful flowers AND family!!! Loved seeing all of Carter’s expressions! I always enjoy reading all of your commentaries, Kim…so much fun!

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