Happy Easter!

25 04 2011

We had a quiet Easter here this year. No egg hunt (maybe the last time?). Just coffee, the paper, some errands, and relaxing family time. I made a delicious roasted leg of lamb with potatoes that may have become an Easter tradition. It was deee-lish-ous.

Not as delicious as these chubby feet and hands.

dimples as knuckles

But pretty darn tasty.

roasted lamb with potatoes

It was absolutely amazing weather on Saturday. Nearing 70°, crisp sunshine, perfect blue skies, happy snow capped mountains. Amazing.

mom, let's not pretend it's warm out here

But it’s still been a darn cold April.

don't tell me about my cousins in texas being in shorts

I keep telling Carter Joe about the hot, humid weather in Texas where his cousins are celebrating Easter. He doesn’t believe me that it could be that warm anywhere!

in fact, tell my cousins to call me in august

We’re all ready for a good dose of heat, maybe the Lpod will make a Texas appearance soon enough!

We hope your Easter weekend was blessed and full of family and laughter. Much love!




4 responses

26 04 2011
Aunt Sue

Happy Easter to you, too. We were suppose to wake up to snow…but had rain & cold instead so…no shorts here in CO either! Carter is adorable!

26 04 2011

Love CJ and his darling expressions and thoughts. 🙂

We used to have lamb and mint jelly when I was growing up. (sometimes) I love it. Didn’t know it was so expensive until I “grew up” and started cooking. Anyway They are so good, I’m sure your meal was a true Northern Easter Dinner.

Now can we talk about the roasted potatoes???!!! How did you get them to look picture perfect? That is a dream of mine.

26 04 2011

Dimples for knuckles… My favorite!

28 04 2011

We missed you, that’s for sure!! Carter’s expressions are hilarious!

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