You Are Cordially Invited…

29 04 2011

to play dress up with me and my little prince.

pop pop called him king moose the great

This morning Carter and I curled up and watched the lovely Catherine marry her handsome prince. I don’t think he was overly impressed. But hey, he’ll have a story to tell when he’s in his 30s and Will & Kate’s first child is getting married.

he'll grow into it

Half way through the day, I remembered that Scott dressed up as a King for Halloween a few years ago and there was a crown somewhere in my basement. Why not play dress up? We’ve had a week full of dress ups. I was cleaning out his closet and put his hot dog costume on one more time for kicks (will share later this weekend).

mom, it's sunny. do you see that? can we be done here and play outside?

Carter had his day of feeling like a king. Who are we kidding? This kid is a king every day in this house. I gotta work on that before he realizes it.

my pouty little prince

Did any of you do something fun like dress up and go to a Royal Wedding watching party? I want to see pictures!! I should have baked some scones to serve with clotted cream in honor of the special day. My morning espresso and bagel worked just fine though.




3 responses

29 04 2011

SO VERY handsome Prince Carter!!

29 04 2011

What a very handsome Prince. WOW! Watch out little princesses every where.
Glad I have some others interested in the Royal Wedding. I was all over it and loved the ceremony and all that went into it.

Darling pictures.

29 04 2011

all the little princesses out there would be lucky to have Carter for their prince!

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