Seven Months

1 05 2011

It’s so hard to believe seven months has passed. I remember having visions of long walks with my happy baby in a stroller. Or a gurgly baby on a blanket in a park in the sunshine. HA! Having a baby in the fall in the Pacific Northwest puts those visions on hold.

Poor Carter had to wait until he was almost 7 months old to experience such goodness without freezing his patootie off. We introduced him to the giant burning ball in the sky.

goodness gracious, great ball of fire

He thought it was pretty funny. And LOVES facing outward in his Bjorn with daddy.

it's so funny to face outwards!

He’s a snuggly little guy. He mimics giving me kisses all the time. Maybe because I’m always kissing on him?

snuggling on mommy

We finally had our day in the park. Thankfully the beautiful weather coincided with a weekend and the whole family was able to venture out! High five to the sunshine!

sitting in the grass at the park

Okay, down to business. Guess who is SEVEN months old?

soooooooooo big!

This little giggle box.

i got to do a photo shoot with daddy there too!

He’s really starting to show his personality. He loves to mimic anything you do too. Make a face, he’ll make it too.

he makes funny faces

He watches every move you make and decides if he likes you/what you are doing. So be careful!

here daddy, i think you should wear this hat

And OMG! He has four teeth. Yeah. I’ve talked about it before. But they are still wreaking havoc on our sleep, so I figured I’d keep talking about it. 🙂

can you see all four of 'em?

Some notes about our little bundle of happiness…

29″ long
21 lbs
4 teeth
rolling and scooting

At 7 months, he is a rolling machine. It’s his mode of transportation at home. Roll, roll, roll….got the singing dog. Roll again to get the ball. Try to roll holding all of the loot. Hilarious. He’s also started scooting by pushing backwards with his hands when he’s on his tummy. We don’t have carpet in our house, so it’s pretty easy for him to get around this way.

His reflux is still pretty active as we dropped his dosage at the beginning of the month and could hear the heavy congestion behind his sinuses build up over those few days (and a few other unpleasant side effects).

He loves his solid foods! We’ve explored rice & oatmeal cereal, avocado, peas, green beans, sweet potato, butternut squash, prunes, pears, carrots, spinach, mango…..and today we tried fish! He spit the fish out, but he tends to do that with every food the first time and he’ll generally like it the 2nd time.

He says “mama” and “bababababababababababa.” I don’t think he understands what he is saying when he says mama, but Scott thinks he does. I’ve been working with him on “dada” too. I’m also working on teaching him a few basic sign language skills.

I’ve recently realized that he’s been mimicking us “washing our hands” since he was 3-4 months old. I’m always putting on lotion or handtizer (abby’s word for hand sanitizer) I guess because when I do that, he rubs his little hands together. He’s been rubbing his hands together like that for months and it just clicked for me why when he was watching me and did it last week.

He loves to give kisses. Big, sloppy, open mouthed kisses. Today, I was kissing all over his cheeks and dancing because it made him laugh. As soon as I stopped, he nuzzled in and tried to replicate. *swoon*

official seven month photo

He’s still keeping us on our toes, but mostly in giggle fits. He’s just awesome. Love you, kiddo!