You are now free to move about the country

16 05 2011





6 responses

16 05 2011

That turned out even better than I expected – I didn’t realize that from your angle the airplane was landing!

16 05 2011

Just like his grandpa! Creative mama!!

17 05 2011

O my this is a new set up. I’ll have to figure yet another techy’s cleverness out.

17 05 2011

O oops. Forgot to comment. Love your little pilot. How cute is that face. Is he making the sound of a plane?

18 05 2011

that is really funny/cute.

24 05 2011

The boy is well trained. He can help me park my airplane anytime. Great photo.

I like his airplane too…. but I don’t fit in it. I will just have to talk him down on his first flight… but if I am not there his dad can teach him… he is a pilot too.

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