The Spoilers Come to Town

26 05 2011

Two of Carter’s biggest fans came to visit last week! Scott had his first week of school and was headed down to the Bay Area, so Mimi & PopPop decided to come help me out. It had nothing to do with the fact that they wanted to love on sweet CJ. Our week was packed full and come Tuesday morning our house was quiet again. Apparently too quiet for my child who discovered his screeching capabilities over the weekend.

We were fortunate enough to have some amazing weather. So we went to the park to swing on the swings.

save me from the swing

CJ wasn’t a huge fan. Once again. He liked the swings the first time. Since then: “Meh. Get me out of here!”

i said save me, don't make me do it again!

We rode on the merry go round. Which apparently is very fun after a few minutes!

spin spin spin. upchuck blueberries? maybe.

We went down to Pike Place Market to get some fresh produce and flowers. We wound up with a lot more than that. The market is dangerously delicious that way.

rows and rows of goodness

Thankfully, we hit it up in the morning before the major crowds showed up.

hiding under his hat. vampire baby thinks the sun is too bright.

The Copper River Salmon season began the day mom & dad came into town. The market was full of the delicious fish. We picked some up from the Ballard Fisherman’s terminal later in the week to grill.

get your fresh copper river!

We went to Ray’s Boathouse to soak up some rays while taking in the views of the lovely Puget Sound. Carter is really enjoying sitting in the highchair at restaurants now. No more infant seat, he’s a big kid now!

dining al fresco for the first time in for.ever.

We picnicked at Greenlake with some of our friends. I think I enjoyed my  last picnic with a stationary child. The other mommas were chasing their children to the lake and beyond. Crawling and walking and running will come soon enough. For now, I love my sitting munchkin!

picnicking with my buddy

We went to Fremont’s Sunday Market to pick up baubles and treats!

searching for hidden treasures

We were silly and ate our socks. That kid likes when he makes his Mimi laugh.

being silly

We wandered through the arboretum and stood under a “snowing” cherry tree.

it's raining cherries! hallelujah!

And checked out the amazing Azaleas, Lilacs and Rhododendrons.

bright pink azaleas

All along Azalea Way!

azalea way

We showed off our teeth! Two more are making their way in these days.

teefs. lots and lots of em.

And we blew bubbles.

what. is. this?

Lots and lots of bubbles.

can i catch it?

We tried to catch them, but didn’t have that much luck.

maybe this one?

Most of all, we laughed. We had a lot of good times with Mimi & PopPop in town.

ha ha. poppop! did you see that over there?

They love to spoil CJ in the best way possible. Lots of hugs and kisses.

hey, mimi, you come here too!

And always willing to help CJ learn something new.

hi mimi!

I left out the weeding, planting, chair fixing, nail pulling, curtain installing, map hanging, cooking, shopping, and voting they did too. My house hasn’t had this much fun in ages! Those are two efficient people!

happy as a clam

Thank you for the visit, mom & dad. The time you share with us up here is so precious. You made our week without daddy a lot more fun than it would have been otherwise! Love you both!



4 responses

27 05 2011

Such a fun and relaxing week–went by waaay too fast. What a precious little guy CJ is! We miss him–oh, and you and Scott too!

27 05 2011

Darling picture of Mimi and PopPop and CJ. What happy smiles the TX folks have. Is it because of the weather or CJ. 🙂 Looks like there is so much to do there. We have to stay inside here, it’s too hot out.

The flowers or the beautiful flowers. Wow.

29 05 2011

We had a lot of fun with the LPod. CJ is very fun. He is definitely a tough little boy… not really little though. I am glad we will see him soon… oh… and Kim too.

We are very blessed parents.

29 05 2011

Oh… and …. we will be glad to see Scott soon also… Sorry Scott…

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