Just Hanging Out

30 06 2011

When we got back to San Antonio, Scott had to head straight to Berkeley for school, so CJ and I stayed back to get some more warm weather and good company. We got to actually hand deliver PopPop’s Father’s Day card this year. How rare is that?

happy father's day to poppop and cott (his first!)

My sweet friend Jessica took a day off work to have some quality time hanging out. I honestly can’t remember the last time we got to visit like that. Maybe when we lived together in Dallas (2000/01)? We drove over to Comfort, TX to pick up lunch and visit Bending Branch Winery.

high's cafe in comfort

We stopped at High’s Cafe for an amazing lunch. I had the half crab cake sandwich and shared an oatmeal raisin cookie with my mom. Perfection.

carter hasn't learned the art of looking when asked

Let me say, Comfort has come a looooong way. It is SUCH a charming little downtown.

high's patio

If we had been in town for the 4th of July, I would have requested going there for the parade. Adorable and just so American (in the best way possible). Small businesses, slow moving streets, friendly people, comforting (pun intended – harhar).

downtown comfort

When we got to Bending Branch, Pam made friends immediately with Oreo. If Pam would ever stop petting Oreo, Oreo’s paw was on Pam’s knee immediately. This happened within seconds of us arriving. Pam is lovable.

mom, pam, oreo

CJ enjoyed hanging out in the heat. Once again, it really does not bother him and he seemed to enjoy being warm for once. He got very good at sipping out of his cups while we were there!

tasting the water - that edwards aquifer is ahhhhmazing

Jessica and I partook in the tasting menu. Their wines were fantastic. I look forward to their all Texas harvested wines soon!

thirty one years and counting, such a special friend

Meanwhile, Carter got loved on by Mimi & Nama. The boy might as well have a few grandmas, I had several moms. Makes sense!

loving on nama

He thought it was hilarious to look at the world upside down from Mimi’s lap. It’s his new game (that he is still playing). The trip out to Comfort just what the doctor ordered, so much fun! Thank you Jessica for taking the day off to spend it with us.

being silly with mimi

Back at home, CJ spent a lot of time learning how 2 year olds share (insert sarcasm). He adores his cousin piper (he actually adores all of his cousins). He stares at her all the time. I wish we could understand what was going on in his head.

watching praise baby with cousin p

It’s too bad this below picture is blurry. This was after Piper really warmed up to Carter. She realized he wasn’t out to steal all of her toys and that he is a pretty fun guy (she had blue eyes first). They enjoyed this little afternoon playtime together.

fixing piper's hair

Of course, playing in the front yard was in order. Somehow, during every trip to SA, we spend an afternoon or evening sitting in the front yard until we’re so hot we can’t take it. And of course, we ALWAYS take pictures.

hanging out with mimi and poppop

And entertain Piper in hopes of some smiles. We won.

whashe doin?

Carter got his first taste of a southern watermelon. Sweet and perfectly juicy.

southern grown wawamelon

I think he liked it!

its so goooood

He had to think about it though.

let's never go home, mom

We got some much needed relaxation during those few days at the house. Laying around watching tv, swimming, and playing. Feels like home.

Party at the Pool

30 06 2011

It’s always hard when I go home to get a visit in with everyone I want to see. So much family and so many friends. And all their kiddos. I’m so blessed to still have so many people to see and love in Texas. This go round, I decided to crash Mimi & PopPop’s backyard and throw a pool party for my SA friends and their little ones. It was complete insanity. But so much fun.

ryan and abby, both 4

It’s kind of hard to believe how big some of the little kids are getting. And that there are so many new ones here and on the way!

carlyle, 2

We sat on the deck and ate BBQ, watermelon and visited with everyone while watching the resident lifeguards take control of the pool.

jack walker, 5

Because we had some crazy kids on floating sharks and alligators.

henry 3, ryan 4

Apparently beer drinking is allowed during lifeguard duties. Times have changed since I was a QF lifeguard!

poppop old

Jessica was amazing. She was like the Schlitterbahn lifeguard one kid after the next jumping into her arms. Over. And over again.

ryan and his mama

Casey was the amazing kitchen friend who enjoyed watching the wacky kids and crazed parents chasing wacky kids.

casey marie, chef extraordinaire

Piper decided to hang in the baby pool. The big kids pool was a little too wild for her refined tastes.

piper, 2


excited piper

Pam & Mom enjoyed seeing all the grandkids run wild. And not having on their suits so they didn’t have to play Schlitterbahn lifeguard.

nama and mimi

Piper wasn’t so sure about Sam joining her in her private pool. I think she gave in and let the boy in eventually. He’s pretty charming.

can i come visit the little pool, piper?

We have three jumping stations going on here. And only two adults in the pool. Jessica was good enough to play the role of two.

jumping insanity!

Carter just needed to pretend to drink his water and soak up that texas heat and love from his momma’s friends.

taking it all in

We attempted a group photo with all the kids. Only one was missing as she was taking a nap. Looks like mine might have needed a nap, he was unimpressed.

he's outta there

Or just really sad he was the only one without a cookie. Cousin Abby kindly shared.

ah, that first bite of sugar

Yep! He had his first taste of chocolate chip cookie. I took this picture as I was running to swat it out of Abby’s hand. I’m amazed it turned out so well. Poor Abby was just being a sweet girl and sharing her cookie with the only boy who didn’t get one. Carter’s one lucky guy to have such a caring cousin.

The day was a blast. We all said we should make it an annual party. Who’s hosting next time? We’ll be there with bells on!!!

Life’s A Beach

29 06 2011

After the wedding, the lpod packed up and headed down to Corpus Christi to see Scott’s family. CJ got his first taste of a warm beach (Seattle beaches in February do not count, sorry). He loved every second of it! First things, first though. Gotta get some hugs and kisses from Grammy.

hanging out with grammy at the beach

And what in the world is cousin Maddie doing? That looks like fun. He can’t wait to be a big kid and do that!!

watching brave cousin maddie take the waves

He just enjoyed sitting on the beach watching her catch the waves.

loving the sun

And kicked his feet nonstop in the sand. I’m sure he got some nice exfoliation on his heels.

the waves are funny

Cousin Maddie helped him figure out how to dig in the sand and build sand castles.

learning the essential skill of sand digging

Most of all, I think he really loved the feel of hot, humid, salty air. I know I did. The weather was perfect down there.


We went to a big Father’s Day dinner at Virginia’s on the Bay. It’s just over at the ferry. Which Scott and I rode at Christmas. As a kid, I thought that was SO amazing. And huge. And the longest ride ever. And then I moved to Washington State.

christian, grammy, gramps, brian, maddie, cott

We spent the rest of our time hanging out at Grammy & Gramps’ place.

who keeps kissing my neck?

Where CJ got a new piano, a dump truck, and the coolest shape sorter! He loves all of his new toys.

i love my piano, grammy!

Playing some pre-dinner tunes for everyone.

afternoon chilling with grammy and gramps

An almost full family shot. We were missing Amy & her family – they had to head out for Stewart’s birthday celebration a little early. Next time we’ll be sure to get the whole fam!

almost the whole clan

Super fun trip to Corpus! Now back to San Antonio for some fun with my childhood friends!

They Do

28 06 2011

I’m finally back! I’ve gotten my act together and sorted through a couple thousand pictures and tried to recreate two weeks in Texas (or what I remember of it…feels like an eon ago). The main reason we went down was to celebrate my cousin Nathan’s marriage to Jenna. They are precious highschool sweethearts who survived a long distance relationship through undergrad and are now embarking on life’s next big journey. We went to the rehearsal dinner, where we heard some funny and sweet stories of Nathan & Jenna’s love. And ate great Mexican food.

the lpods - date night?

The reception was held at the Stables in the old Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. They’ve done a beautiful job using an old space from a brewery long since gone from San Antonio. We got some great time to visit with family before entering the beautiful party.

sue, poppop (joe), louie, mimi (martha), sue (louie's wife)

The decorations were stunning. I wanted to spend an hour studying the various flowers used in all the arrangements.

the head table

But then I would have been “that girl” at the wedding everyone was talking about the next day. Regardless, the flowers were exquisite and abundant.

the lovely floral arrangements everywhere

Bill and Wilma made the long drive in from North Carolina to celebrate the happy couple. It was wonderful to visit with them over the couple of days…it’s a rare occasion that we get to see them!

bill and wilma

Cousin Shelli was also there. We got to sit with her at the reception and enjoy hearing stories about her days (er…nights) in the ER and travel adventures with her friends.

mel and shelli

Her dad Robert & his wife Brenda sat at the table next to us, so we could make fun of him without him hearing us. Uncle Robert is currently recovering from Leukemia and recently had a stem cell transplant from his brother, the father of the groom. He could use your prayers right now as his blood counts did not come back great on his last scan.

brenda & robert

Aunt Sue and Uncle Louie even made it up from Uvalde. Note: this picture is so civilized!

sue and (calm, quiet) louie

Uncle Louie cut a rug with another Sue (my mom’s sister) a few times during the reception. They are better dancers than I.

(wild, crazy) louie & (wild, crazy) shue

Aren’t they cute? All the brothers and sisters.

so charming, aren't they?

They aren’t really that rude. They were being silly and recreating the below picture. Old people know how to have fun too (heh)!

ok. they are actually cute there.

The parents of the groom rocked out on the dance floor all night. They were busy bees and really enjoyed celebrating the wedding. How could you not enjoy it? They raised a great kid who married a lovely woman.

joyce & dick - the parents of the groom

Whoa! A picture was even captured of the bride and groom. And an unidentified pregnant lady *smirk*.

the bride and groom. and mel. 🙂

Best wishes to them for a happy and healthy marriage. It is a fun journey that certainly got off to a fun start! Cheers!

Slime Fest 2011

27 06 2011

No. Not a cool weekend long festival of concerts. That would have been something I posted about 2 or 3 years ago. My poor little man came down with a stomach bug and then got a wicked cold or some other vile sickness (and as you hear in the video, his daddy has it too). We’re still getting slimed when he offers kisses and he still sounds like a 80 year old smoker when he coughs, but we’re on the uptick. He’s starting to be a little more like himself each day. And even (knock wood) sleeping a little more. During all this mayhem, he’s crossed a few milestones and turned 9 months old! He also loves to read the newspaper on Sundays.

(sorry, I took the video right side up, why does it turn sideways and then not let me turn it?????)

He must have learned how to read the paper from his PopPop (thrashing around in uncomfortable fits of agony).

This mama has A LOT of blogging to do. Stay tuned…


26 06 2011

I’m out of the blogosphere on vacay. Floatin in my mimi & popop’s pool. Hanging at the beach with grammy & gramps. Breaking curfew. Eating in the middle of the night. Living the life.


See y’all soon!

Friday Flowers: Bye Bye Ranunculus

24 06 2011

Well. They bloomed as we were walking out the door to head to Texas. And we got home just in time to catch their tail end. Ranunculus are such a fun flower. Not as stuffy or heavy smelling (yea, I said it) as a rose, not as petal-vomit-messy as a peony. Just a fun little flower with no heirs. Their bendy stems make for fun arrangements. Alas, who has time for fun arrangements when their child is snotting everywhere? They were lucky to get cut and photographed.

ranunculus sent virtually to little harper's room at TCH

Not so glamorous, but hopefully you will understand.