Eight Months

1 06 2011

Well, Mr. CJ is 8 months old. I used to think time moved too quickly. But I didn’t have a ruler. Holy toledo, do I have a ruler. I had a blob 8 months ago. A little sweet, squeaky, hungry, sleepy, sweetest-blob on the planet. Now I have a wild baby.

so happy to sit in his chair

Our little man is growing up way too fast! He’s developing quite the personality. He’s sweet. Most of the time. He’s opinionated. Often. He’s wild and funny and perfect for this mama. But he also has a big sense of humor. He finds laughs in just about anything. Slobbering on mommy’s face? Funny.

mommy's new favorite picture

Doing it over and over again with a smooching sound? HILARIOUS!

what's so funny?

Faking a tummy ache so mommy will pick you up? Awesome. Ok. I’m kidding about that.

i have a tummy ache. i think i shall fall out of this chair now.

He’s a tough guy! And he means business.

you don't believe me? i will do it.

He does have a serious side. But it’s only when he’s staring at something he wants. He’ll stare down anything trying to use “the force” to get it to come straight to him.

i fell. we cried. now we'll sit on the floor.

I haven’t told him the force is really just his mama helping him out.

and look like an angel

And he’s going to have to learn to crawl and get it himself. He doesn’t seem all that disappointed though. He just can’t figure out what to do with his leg. One of his legs just will not move back behind him! He’ll reach and reach and eventually, face plant. Scott and I have a running bet on when he’ll be crawling. My money is on late June. Scott thinks it will be before June 15. 🙂

Last week, I started cutting up fruit for him instead of pureeing it. He still loves his purees and is like a little bird with his mouth open waiting for the next bite. He really loves practicing eating (I can see him practicing his pincher function in the monitor when he should be sleeping). He’ll pick up random stuff from nowhere and pretend to put “it” in his mouth. I remember cousin Piper doing this all the time when she visited last August. It’s one of my favorite little things to watch. Here you can see one of his blueberry adventures…

He’s also figured out how much he likes to move. He’s quite the dancer. Sometimes with no music, but usually when one of his toys starts playing songs. He breaks out in a huge smile and does his little dance where he moves from his hips.

He also loves to practice kissing. All those little girls can wait. He’s mine for now. If I kiss his cheek, he’ll reciprocate. Then he pulls back and gives me a huge smile and goes back for another smooch. I truly do think I’m the luckiest woman on earth when I get those kisses. It’s kind of hard, because a part of me wants to wipe off the mess. But the other part of me knows in a few short years I’ll yearn for that sweet boy to kiss his mama!

Dadadadadadadada is the phrase of the day. Every day. He can be mid meal and pull around and say “dadadadadadadada!” This kid loves his dad. Those weeks when Scott is at school are interesting. Carter just looks around and calls out for him over and over. But he’ll play coy when dad returns. It is so fun to watch those two.

Lastly, this kid has six teeth! Two more on the bottom popped up last week. They’ve been (very slowly) making their way up, giving this kid some chompers.

eight months
30.5″ long
22 pounds
rolling like a maniac
trying so hard to crawl

my little carter joe