Friday Flowers: Peonies

10 06 2011

My sweet friend Liz, from Team Wan brought some peonies over on Monday when I watched her daughter M for an hour. M and Carter weren’t that impressed. Does this get me two entries in the “mom of the year” competition?

double case of the mondays

Don’t worry. They got over it quickly after this photo was taken (sorry, cell phone pic quality).

beautiful pink peonies

Fancy little thank you, eh? Thanks Liz!




5 responses

11 06 2011

HA! that pic is awesome …. way to go for not being too frazzled to get that pic! mom of the year indeed.

11 06 2011

They can’t see each other. Who designed those car seats anyway.

12 06 2011

How cute….they are NOT happy!! Its funny, when one cries everyone tries to fix them and when 2 cry at the same time its just down right hilarious and PICTURE TIME!!! So fun!! Glad you have a buddy in the same stage!

12 06 2011

Yep! Crying is definitely contagious!

12 06 2011

P.S. Love the peonies!

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