Slime Fest 2011

27 06 2011

No. Not a cool weekend long festival of concerts. That would have been something I posted about 2 or 3 years ago. My poor little man came down with a stomach bug and then got a wicked cold or some other vile sickness (and as you hear in the video, his daddy has it too). We’re still getting slimed when he offers kisses and he still sounds like a 80 year old smoker when he coughs, but we’re on the uptick. He’s starting to be a little more like himself each day. And even (knock wood) sleeping a little more. During all this mayhem, he’s crossed a few milestones and turned 9 months old! He also loves to read the newspaper on Sundays.

(sorry, I took the video right side up, why does it turn sideways and then not let me turn it?????)

He must have learned how to read the paper from his PopPop (thrashing around in uncomfortable fits of agony).

This mama has A LOT of blogging to do. Stay tuned…




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