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28 06 2011

I’m finally back! I’ve gotten my act together and sorted through a couple thousand pictures and tried to recreate two weeks in Texas (or what I remember of it…feels like an eon ago). The main reason we went down was to celebrate my cousin Nathan’s marriage to Jenna. They are precious highschool sweethearts who survived a long distance relationship through undergrad and are now embarking on life’s next big journey. We went to the rehearsal dinner, where we heard some funny and sweet stories of Nathan & Jenna’s love. And ate great Mexican food.

the lpods - date night?

The reception was held at the Stables in the old Pearl Brewery in San Antonio. They’ve done a beautiful job using an old space from a brewery long since gone from San Antonio. We got some great time to visit with family before entering the beautiful party.

sue, poppop (joe), louie, mimi (martha), sue (louie's wife)

The decorations were stunning. I wanted to spend an hour studying the various flowers used in all the arrangements.

the head table

But then I would have been “that girl” at the wedding everyone was talking about the next day. Regardless, the flowers were exquisite and abundant.

the lovely floral arrangements everywhere

Bill and Wilma made the long drive in from North Carolina to celebrate the happy couple. It was wonderful to visit with them over the couple of days…it’s a rare occasion that we get to see them!

bill and wilma

Cousin Shelli was also there. We got to sit with her at the reception and enjoy hearing stories about her days (er…nights) in the ER and travel adventures with her friends.

mel and shelli

Her dad Robert & his wife Brenda sat at the table next to us, so we could make fun of him without him hearing us. Uncle Robert is currently recovering from Leukemia and recently had a stem cell transplant from his brother, the father of the groom. He could use your prayers right now as his blood counts did not come back great on his last scan.

brenda & robert

Aunt Sue and Uncle Louie even made it up from Uvalde. Note: this picture is so civilized!

sue and (calm, quiet) louie

Uncle Louie cut a rug with another Sue (my mom’s sister) a few times during the reception. They are better dancers than I.

(wild, crazy) louie & (wild, crazy) shue

Aren’t they cute? All the brothers and sisters.

so charming, aren't they?

They aren’t really that rude. They were being silly and recreating the below picture. Old people know how to have fun too (heh)!

ok. they are actually cute there.

The parents of the groom rocked out on the dance floor all night. They were busy bees and really enjoyed celebrating the wedding. How could you not enjoy it? They raised a great kid who married a lovely woman.

joyce & dick - the parents of the groom

Whoa! A picture was even captured of the bride and groom. And an unidentified pregnant lady *smirk*.

the bride and groom. and mel. 🙂

Best wishes to them for a happy and healthy marriage. It is a fun journey that certainly got off to a fun start! Cheers!




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11 07 2011
Aunt Sue

Kim…you always make me laugh with your blog comments…great pictures!

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