Just Hanging Out

30 06 2011

When we got back to San Antonio, Scott had to head straight to Berkeley for school, so CJ and I stayed back to get some more warm weather and good company. We got to actually hand deliver PopPop’s Father’s Day card this year. How rare is that?

happy father's day to poppop and cott (his first!)

My sweet friend Jessica took a day off work to have some quality time hanging out. I honestly can’t remember the last time we got to visit like that. Maybe when we lived together in Dallas (2000/01)? We drove over to Comfort, TX to pick up lunch and visit Bending Branch Winery.

high's cafe in comfort

We stopped at High’s Cafe for an amazing lunch. I had the half crab cake sandwich and shared an oatmeal raisin cookie with my mom. Perfection.

carter hasn't learned the art of looking when asked

Let me say, Comfort has come a looooong way. It is SUCH a charming little downtown.

high's patio

If we had been in town for the 4th of July, I would have requested going there for the parade. Adorable and just so American (in the best way possible). Small businesses, slow moving streets, friendly people, comforting (pun intended – harhar).

downtown comfort

When we got to Bending Branch, Pam made friends immediately with Oreo. If Pam would ever stop petting Oreo, Oreo’s paw was on Pam’s knee immediately. This happened within seconds of us arriving. Pam is lovable.

mom, pam, oreo

CJ enjoyed hanging out in the heat. Once again, it really does not bother him and he seemed to enjoy being warm for once. He got very good at sipping out of his cups while we were there!

tasting the water - that edwards aquifer is ahhhhmazing

Jessica and I partook in the tasting menu. Their wines were fantastic. I look forward to their all Texas harvested wines soon!

thirty one years and counting, such a special friend

Meanwhile, Carter got loved on by Mimi & Nama. The boy might as well have a few grandmas, I had several moms. Makes sense!

loving on nama

He thought it was hilarious to look at the world upside down from Mimi’s lap. It’s his new game (that he is still playing). The trip out to Comfort just what the doctor ordered, so much fun! Thank you Jessica for taking the day off to spend it with us.

being silly with mimi

Back at home, CJ spent a lot of time learning how 2 year olds share (insert sarcasm). He adores his cousin piper (he actually adores all of his cousins). He stares at her all the time. I wish we could understand what was going on in his head.

watching praise baby with cousin p

It’s too bad this below picture is blurry. This was after Piper really warmed up to Carter. She realized he wasn’t out to steal all of her toys and that he is a pretty fun guy (she had blue eyes first). They enjoyed this little afternoon playtime together.

fixing piper's hair

Of course, playing in the front yard was in order. Somehow, during every trip to SA, we spend an afternoon or evening sitting in the front yard until we’re so hot we can’t take it. And of course, we ALWAYS take pictures.

hanging out with mimi and poppop

And entertain Piper in hopes of some smiles. We won.

whashe doin?

Carter got his first taste of a southern watermelon. Sweet and perfectly juicy.

southern grown wawamelon

I think he liked it!

its so goooood

He had to think about it though.

let's never go home, mom

We got some much needed relaxation during those few days at the house. Laying around watching tv, swimming, and playing. Feels like home.




One response

13 07 2011
Janet Boswell

Looks like ya’ll had some real Texas fun! Love the pics with your mom and dad in them, but then we’re a little prejudiced down here!
Hope to get to see you all the next time your here!

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