Party at the Pool

30 06 2011

It’s always hard when I go home to get a visit in with everyone I want to see. So much family and so many friends. And all their kiddos. I’m so blessed to still have so many people to see and love in Texas. This go round, I decided to crash Mimi & PopPop’s backyard and throw a pool party for my SA friends and their little ones. It was complete insanity. But so much fun.

ryan and abby, both 4

It’s kind of hard to believe how big some of the little kids are getting. And that there are so many new ones here and on the way!

carlyle, 2

We sat on the deck and ate BBQ, watermelon and visited with everyone while watching the resident lifeguards take control of the pool.

jack walker, 5

Because we had some crazy kids on floating sharks and alligators.

henry 3, ryan 4

Apparently beer drinking is allowed during lifeguard duties. Times have changed since I was a QF lifeguard!

poppop old

Jessica was amazing. She was like the Schlitterbahn lifeguard one kid after the next jumping into her arms. Over. And over again.

ryan and his mama

Casey was the amazing kitchen friend who enjoyed watching the wacky kids and crazed parents chasing wacky kids.

casey marie, chef extraordinaire

Piper decided to hang in the baby pool. The big kids pool was a little too wild for her refined tastes.

piper, 2


excited piper

Pam & Mom enjoyed seeing all the grandkids run wild. And not having on their suits so they didn’t have to play Schlitterbahn lifeguard.

nama and mimi

Piper wasn’t so sure about Sam joining her in her private pool. I think she gave in and let the boy in eventually. He’s pretty charming.

can i come visit the little pool, piper?

We have three jumping stations going on here. And only two adults in the pool. Jessica was good enough to play the role of two.

jumping insanity!

Carter just needed to pretend to drink his water and soak up that texas heat and love from his momma’s friends.

taking it all in

We attempted a group photo with all the kids. Only one was missing as she was taking a nap. Looks like mine might have needed a nap, he was unimpressed.

he's outta there

Or just really sad he was the only one without a cookie. Cousin Abby kindly shared.

ah, that first bite of sugar

Yep! He had his first taste of chocolate chip cookie. I took this picture as I was running to swat it out of Abby’s hand. I’m amazed it turned out so well. Poor Abby was just being a sweet girl and sharing her cookie with the only boy who didn’t get one. Carter’s one lucky guy to have such a caring cousin.

The day was a blast. We all said we should make it an annual party. Who’s hosting next time? We’ll be there with bells on!!!




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