Nine Months

1 07 2011

My little buddy turned 9 months old on July 1. It’s so hard to believe. Call me cliché, but whoa. WHERE does time go?

why do we do this every month mom?

He’s just turned into a big kid. Who loves to sit in his big kid chair. He pushes back on it to see if it rocks for him.

don't you know i have skills to master?

But mostly, he poses for pictures. It’s pretty funny that he’s so agreeable to pictures.

seriously? did you see me crawl into the hallway today??

The click of the camera (over and over and over again) had him dancing at one point. He LOVES to dance. Sometimes, I think the music plays in his head as he just shakes it like no other. He rolls his whole body and sometimes throws his head into it. It’s pure awesome.

how about when i pulled up on the coffee table?

He also loves to give kisses. BIG kisses. He’s been kinda smooching all along, but this is the real deal. He makes the noises that go with it. And beware, you will get soaked. But it’s the best soaking ever. If I never have makeup on the right side of my face again, so be it. I will never refuse a Carter kiss.

and pulled 2 weeks worth of mail off?

He’s crawling like a maniac. He started crawling a bit in Texas, but it really picked up when he got home. Now when he cruises around a corner or leaves a room he starts laughing uncontrollably. I think I’m in trouble. This boy likes having independence and freedom (takes after his mama?). 😦

and tried to eat it! yummy mail.

I’ve been trying to teach him some sign language for very basic communication since 6 months. He usually just laughs at me when I say “all done” while shaking my hands at him. Just the other day instead of laughing at me he just said “all done.” Just like that. Then the next day? Unprompted. “All done!” Whoa. Slow down, kid!

are you telling everyone about how cute i am?

His other favorite words are:

i can make some faces

His last favorite words are actually done in a song. He’ll just sing to you all day if you sing with him. It’s the sweetest sound ever.

and ham it up with my teeth

His favorite thing to do these days is make a big goofy grin at you. Teeth and all. When he does this he breathes quickly in and out of his nose. He thinks he is hilarious when he does this. If he’s sitting on the floor he kicks his feet in and out while doing this mess of activity.

or i can be serious and scare everyone

He is also pulling up on everything. I mean everything. I am so behind the curve on babyproofing my house. He’s pulled a tall speaker down on himself, slipped while pulling up on the rocking chair, and just face planted (wearing jammies on the hardwood floors while crawling) into the tv cabinet. Oops. Mom of the year nomination #5. He survived. And I’m working on figuring out what will be next on his list of destroying/hurting him before he knows it.

wait, we're in the playroom. why pictures again?

But we’ve made a lot more progress on  his playroom downstairs. Hopefully, he’ll just hang down there more often.

are you kidding me?

He’s eating mostly big boy food. I still need to do a lot of purees as he needs the calories (yep, you heard it). But his favorite foods are:
blueberries, broccoli, pasta with olive oil, filet mignon (oh my, what have I done?), salmon, and if I let him have it: cheese.

do you see this earth i need to travel?

He is a terrible sleeper. Just terrible. We had a brief period where he slept 13 hours a night. Even if he skipped naps, 13 hours, no questions asked. For the last 2 months or so, he’s been waking AT LEAST by 4am. Mostly though, 3-4 times a night. Needless to say, this mama is purely exhausted. We’re working on it with his pediatrician and trying to figure out why, but we think he is hungry.

i gotta go, mom. two more seconds

Yeah. HUNGRY. My chunky monkey has actually lost weight in the last couple of months and gained a total of less than a pound since his 6 month appointment.

that's it

He’s still apparently 29″ long, 20lb 8.5oz and his head is 47cm round. Our little blockhead.

i said two more seconds

Regardless of his waking and poor napping, this is one happy kid. He’s thriving and happy. He laughs ALL the time. Most days when we’re driving in the car, it will be completely silent and then I’ll hear this giant outburst from him. He’s just laughing away. He does this at home all the time too. He has an amazingly sweet personality and loves people.

i'm outta here

We’re the luckiest parents ever. Love you, sweet CJ.




3 responses

16 07 2011

What a great bunch of photos… of a very handsome young man. He can really move. Really miss him.

16 07 2011

He really is photogenic! Such a cute boy! Too bad he looks so good in orange.

17 07 2011
Aunt Sue

I loved hugging and spending time with this sweet boy…miss him!!

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