Water Baby

20 07 2011

I think I have one! Oh my, does he love the water! He learned just how much when we were in Texas (I still owe you some pictures and videos of that good fun). This week, we got one warm (72°) day and decided to hit up Greenlake to enjoy the sunshine. It turns out the wading pool was open. I wasn’t sure how Carter would feel about it as he does tend to clam up in new situations sometimes. Not this time. He sat in my lap while I dipped my toes in the pool. Then I tried to dip his toes in the pool. He immediately stuck his little legs out at a 90° angle demanding to sit in that water.

I didn’t have his swimsuit on, so I just plopped him back in my lap while we watched the action. But he would have nothing to do with that. Squirmy pants mcgee wanted to be in the middle of the action.

I stripped his shorts and sat him down. He immediately started splashing and giggling.

ah, so nice and cool in here!

Surprising me and himself with splashing his face and not getting upset about it!

splash splash splash!

And then he was off. He did not want to sit still. Not one bit. The pool is about 75 yards long, maybe? It gets deeper (probably about 2 feet deep) in the middle. At one point after chasing him, I stopped helicoptering stepped back a tad and let him crawl thinking he would turn back when it got too deep. I finally stepped in as the water got to his chin. He would have kept going.

gotta go talk to that cute baby girl with the belly

I tried to force him into some breaks as his knees and tops of feet were getting skinned up from the gravel bottom (talk about pool toe!). He was a little more content in the deeper waters.

cooling his jets for a minute

When we got out of the water, I dried him off and put him back in his non swim diaper and shorts which was a major challenge. Diapering has become a battle (you’d think it was baby torture) as it is since he started crawling, but now that he was so near his beloved water? Oh my. I finally strapped him back into the stroller to go home and he was a pouty pants about it. He usually is pretty easy going about being strapped in and going places with me. Not that day!!

staring longingly at the water

He drowned his sorrows in his sippy cup full of cool water. He drank the whole thing on the way back to the car (I’ve struggled to get him to take more than 1-2 good sips per day!).

depressed about leaving the pool

I suspect the Greenlake wading pool will become a summer stop off for the Lpod. So much fun!



One response

25 07 2011

Yep. He wouldn’t be your child if he didn’t love the water. So cute!

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