Whidbey Island

29 07 2011

Scott & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary on July 22 and decided to head up to Whidbey Island for a long weekend. Our goal was to have a low key weekend where we might be able to have a conversation. It feels like it’s been a few weeks since we just sat down and visited. So we hopped a ferry on a chilly, drizzly July evening and woke up in paradise (with sunshine).

mom? dad? um. where are we?

It was a crisp, very chilly morning on the island. We woke up and sat by the fire (read: kept Carter away from the fire), watching the water while we drank coffee and made breakfast and waited for the sun to warm things up a bit.

someone getting some early wind

There were a ton of birds and hummingbirds visiting us while we were there. This little feeder with the goldfinch on it was covered in finches of many varieties all day every day!

american goldfinch

An eagle or two lived in the neighborhood as they were constantly following us around when we came outside.

bald eagle hovering over our backyard

CJ loved the big warm back yard that overlooked the water. He was ready to hit the beach, despite the 50ish degree morning temperatures.

later guys, i'm going swimming

We honored his wish and headed to the beach. It was a little rocky. And cold. But CJ didn’t care. He loves sand, water and sun.

mom. stop it. im building a castle.

And even attempted to build his first sand castle with a moat around it.

seriously. stop it with the camera! i'll eat some sand if you don't stop!

I think he tried to eat the moat.

told you so

When we came back from the beach, the eagle was perched just outside our back window.

eagle visiting our back patio

I guess he was checking out what remained of the fishermans’ spoils that morning.

checking out the views

It is pretty awesome to sit in the back yard with this kind of view.

is the sailboat bringing in dinner?

Apparently our little man thinks it is funny to scare off the eagles.

scarin away the eagles

Our first day of vacation was quite relaxing and we got some much needed sun. The next day was even more fun! Stay tuned…




One response

30 07 2011
Amy Chandler

What an adorable story. Love the pic of u and Cj on beach!! 🙂

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