Loganberry Festival

30 07 2011

What’s a loganberry you ask? I did too. It’s just a blackberry crossed with a raspberry. Apparently, Whidbey Island houses the nation’s largest farm for said berries. Greenbank Farm is a 150-acre former dairy & loganberry farm in the middle of the island that is really a community center that houses open fields, cafes, wine & cheese shops, and even some wetlands and wildlife preserves. It is also the host of the annual Loganberry Festival!

greenbank farm barn

There were a lot of booths with delicious foods from the local islands. I think Lopez Island Creamery is my sister’s favorite. Blackberry ice cream? Maybe she should try the Loganberry!

a line a mile long

There were many families enjoying the beautiful weather and fun atmosphere. The kids enjoyed the rocks and playing king of the hill.

king of the hill

There was a woman carving stray pieces of wood and fallen trees into masterful works of art. Like this bear holding a salmon wearing an eagle. 🙂

bear fishin

Not sure what she was carving here. But it was fun to watch the sawdust fly.

roadside chainsaw carver lady

A young girl who was about 10 years old was cruising around on her stilts like she owned the island. I would have been terrified!

stilted youth

These two cracked me up with their shared slice of pie.


digging in

eat up quick!

The local 4H club (and I think another club for horses, city girl roots showing here) was there with some saddles, some horses, and some cows.

ride 'em carter joe!

CJ was pretty impressed by riding the saddle. Thrilled? Sure.

daaaad, this is my saddle!

He did, however, fall in love with the horses. He immediately reached out to pet them.

carter's new bff

He was so fascinated by them and wanted to get as close as he could.

i want the horse

Each new horse we approached needed to be pet.

so soft

So much so, that he wanted to jump right out of Scott’s arms onto the horse!

later guys, i'm riding off into the sunset

So Scott rested him on the ground next to a little pony. He was careful to keep a tight grip as our little speed crawler is also an escape artist these days!

can we take him home?

After we visited with the horses for a little bit, we decided to go check out the cows.

mom!? is he serious?

Carter has a fear of cows. Make the cow sound? The lip curls and the boy wails. It’s the saddest thing ever. And we have no idea why. But he was equally unimpressed with the live animal.

i don't trust you, lady

Scott did some hay bale jumping with CJ. Which he LOVED. He cracked up the entire way. The series is a lot of fun.

the most fun time ever

One of the most noticeable things about the island is the beautiful gardening. Every house has amazing gardens and landscaping. One of the houses had a series of old fence posts stuffed with sedums trailing down the sides. I took this picture while Scott was driving, but this was one in a series of 10 posts overflowing with hens and chicks.

hens and chicks

That evening we really celebrated our anniversary with fresh Penn Cove mussels steamed in white wine and butter, grilled steak and a gorgeous view.

al fresco

We sat on the patio until the sun went down and the chill crept back in. Then we headed in to read by the fire.

here's to many more

It was a perfectly relaxing anniversary weekend! I can’t wait to go back to Whidbey Island again!




3 responses

30 07 2011

Happy 5th anniversary Kim, Scott & Carter. Looks like you found another amazingly beautiful place to spend a special weekend together. Precious pictures of sweet Carter.

31 07 2011

Happy Anniversary Kim and Scott. No wonder you live there. I think we’ll start saying we are moving there instead of “why don’t you move back to SA?” Don’t move back it’s too hot. We’ll come to you and Stacy.

I love this post. I know Lopez Island. I’ve been there many many years ago. Like 31 yrs. Don’t remember the ice cream. 😦 Another reason to go back.

You guys do so many fun things. I’ve added visiting you and family to my bucket list. AND NOT AT THE BOTTOM of it. See you soon. 🙂

LOVED the pics of Carter and Scott with the horses and hay bales. You have GOT to get that precious child a horse.

AND the picture of you sitting on the porch. Looks like a movie scene. So pretty you are!!

31 07 2011

PS, just bookmarked Whidbey Island.

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