Ten Months

3 08 2011

Where is summer going? Where is this kid’s first year going?? Carter turned 10 months old! He has changed so so much in the last month. It’s really hard to believe only a month has passed.

He is now a master of crawling. He has a funny way of acting like he’s just wandering around checking things out. Then he looks over his shoulder to see where I am. When he thinks he has a clear chance he takes off as fast as he can for area 51 (bathroom, stairs, wires…zones of the house that are usually closed off and completely off limits). When he senses that I’ve caught on and am chasing him he cracks up and speeds up.

He LOVES to pull up on everything. As he pulls up, he then lifts one of his legs in an attempt to climb whatever he is pulling on. He has succeeded a few times. My mom said he’s going to be that kid that is on top of the refrigerator one day when I walk into the kitchen.

His hemangioma still looks to be about the same size as it was last month. Some days it’s barely noticeable, and others it’s angry and purple. Staying the same size is good news as it means it might be done growing and begin it’s journey into invisible.

CJ is obsessed with wheels. OBSESSED. Anything that spins can grab his attention for a good, long while. He will flip over anything with wheels and inspect and spin. For hours if I let him. That includes his stroller.

He is still terrified of cows and all of their sounds.

He’s still a pretty terrible sleeper, waking at least once per night for a feeding. At some point in the next two months this has to stop. It might get a little ugly in our house during the month of September. I might need a shoulder to cry on coach for those days/weeks.

He is hilarious. He loves to make people laugh and will work for it if he thinks it will work.

His favorite food is goat cheese (his reflux doesn’t handle cow’s milk so well yet) with broccoli or salmon coming in at a close 2nd. He loves sipping water out of a straw, in fact it’s the only way he’ll drink anything.

He has said (but doesn’t always say): mama, dada, poppop, high five, ball, and bye. He blows kisses. He waves goodbye to EVERYONE. Getting off the plane the other day was comedy as he waved to every single person.

Most of all, he’s just a sweet boy. He coos and laughs and smiles non stop. He still loves a little bit of snuggling and giving hugs and kisses.

ten months
23 pounds
7 teeth (another one on it’s way in)
perfectly sweet




4 responses

4 08 2011

Oh Buddy!!!!! yea! You’re 10 months old. I love you to pieces. and that momma of yours.

4 08 2011
Aunt Sue

He IS perfectly sweet!!! Love his laugh!

5 08 2011

I love his little Budda belly in the last picture–actually, I love everything about him!!

6 08 2011

He’s not sweet !

He is a well mannered, good natured handsome Texas boy… in my book.

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