Eleven Months

4 09 2011

Well, another month has passed. Our little friend is now 11 months old. He’s full of it. He loves to talk, scream (happy and angry), crun (crawl/run) and dance. This kid LOVES to dance. A drum circle in the park (oh, how Seattle)? Grooving till he falls over. I blow my nose? He’s got moves for it. Dancing fills every day, and I love it!

mom, why do i have to sit still in this chair?

He also loves spinning things. It’s kind of hard to go to the park these days because all he wants to do is chase strollers (for their awesome wheels). He attacks them. It’s funny, but annoying to the owners of said strollers.

i prefer to be on the move

He has had his eyes on the fan for eleven months. If I accidentally have it off during a nap, he won’t sleep well. It needs to be spinning.

making sure the fan is still running properly

Throwing his head back in general is funny. Especially when he has a mouth full of food. Mommy thinks it is hilarious when he chokes on his dinner because he needs to be throwing his head back.

and throwing my head back until i fall over

He now has his word for airplane. It’s “ba.” He’ll hear an airplane, stop whatever he is doing, and point while buzzing with his mouth and saying “ba! ba!” It’s kind of amazing that he does this even when we are inside the house.

you have me for a few more seconds. i need to go move furniture in the living room

We read a book called “Little Hands Love” every night before bed. It’s one he’s always liked and is short enough to keep his attention in that rough period right before going down to bed. I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that he tries to position his hands like the little chubby baby hands in the book. He’ll survey their hands, touch the page and then look at his hands as he tries to put them in that position. So cool to see his little brain chugging.

and empty all of your kitchen drawers, lick everything and then move on to the office

He’s generally a really funny guy. He makes a lot of smirky-like faces at you. Usually when you’re making a total buffoon of yourself in public to make him laugh or smile. He just smirks like “ha. look at what i can make my mom do. i’m not even one yet!”

ok. one more month of this sitting still for a few seconds, ok? ok.

Eleven Months
30ish inches
24.5 pounds
8 teeth
words: mama, dada, ba (airplane), yeyow (yellow), popop, ball, haha (what’s a monkey say? ooh ooh ah ah ah = haha).
frustrated crawler wishing he was walking
pushing his cart while walking
standing on his own, but not realizing it yet
his sleep is better. but not piper-style yet (who am I kidding? he will never be a piper-style sleeper)
favorite foods: macaroni + goat cheese sauce, purple cauliflower (green and orange are tolerated), broccoli,  blueberries, plain greek yogurt with vanilla & cinnamon, strawberries, sun nut butter on toast, smoothies with yogurt+spinach+wheatgerm+blueberries+strawberries+cantaloupe.




2 responses

7 09 2011

Where did baby Carter go? Can’t believe how much he looks like a little boy now! Sweet pictures!!

10 09 2011
Lisa Johnson

Ok, next time you are in town, will you please call me?! Field LOVES the wheels on strollers too, can’t sleep without the fan on, and throws his head back to be silly when eating which also makes me a nervous wreck that he’ll choke on his food. I think our two little guys could be great friends! And I love the sleeping comment comparing to cousin Piper. I joke because my niece Ellie (Allison’s youngest) is like super baby. She sleeps all night, takes 3-4 hour naps, is so calm and sweet and easy! I think it’s the difference between boys and girls. 😉 We’d love to meet Carter one day!

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