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19 09 2011

Brought to you first by Lpod news! There was a train derailment in Seattle this morning. No injuries were reported as of yet, but there’s one 30 something woman who is in distress and potentially being taken in for observation. Early investigation shows the driver may have thrown his entire breakfast on the floor and been suffering from a low blood sugar induced rage.

the driver struggles with the scene in front of him

 *image provided by lpod mobile devices

From the looks of it, there will be a great deal of cleanup planned and all regularly scheduled train routes will be diverted to bus or other means. If you have a reservation on the alphabet train this week, please contact your travel agent for alternatives.

Lpod news will remain on the scene and provide updates during scheduled, often avoided nap times.





6 responses

19 09 2011

Oh goodness, maybe if we toss Eli in the mix they will even each other out. They will see themselves in each other and think….that ain’t right.

19 09 2011
Amy Lovejoy Chandler


19 09 2011

“Happily we roll along, building letters, singing songs. Happily we roll along…on tha’ trai-in! He, he, LET’S GO!”
There are times I want to drop kick the alphabet train across San Antonio but it sure does keep ’em entertained and I have no doubt the train will be back on schedule in no time!

19 09 2011

Such drama. Wonder where he got that gene?

21 09 2011

you’re funny

23 09 2011
Aunt Sue

LOL…love your blogs!

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