Grimy Baby

30 09 2011

My son is all of a sudden not my son. He’s TERRIFIED of the water. My one year old is afraid of the bath! It’s the saddest thing ever when it comes to bath time and it’s no doubt a two person job. He just looks at you with these terrified eyes, while standing with the stiffest legs and just screaming at the top of his lungs. He can barely breathe by the time we are done and it takes a good 10 minutes to get him to stop screaming.

I’ve tried getting in with him, introducing new toys (he got some awesome ones for his birthday), and singing his favorite songs from music class (always works to calm him down when he’s mad). There is no reasoning or calming him down about it. He seems to freak out even when we wash his hands before a meal…so I’m thinking he’s afraid of water for some reason?

What do I do? Have you run into this problem? Any advice on how to ease his fears about the bathtub?


a dolphin from birth




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12 10 2011

hummmm! Jessica suddenly was afraid of the swimming pool. She screamed and hung on to me like she was glued to me. But not the tub.

Mattie Sue did that, around that age, when she came here to our bath tub but was fine in her bath tub back in CA. We wondered if it was the bath mat inside of the tub.

Did you read a story about water and sea creatures. 🙂
Keep us posted.

13 10 2011

Rod played a movie on the laptop for Ryan to watch while in the tub.

13 10 2011

Too slippery… too warm… too cold…? beats me… dolphin from birth too… far as I know …

BTW … When I clicked to do a comment I got an ad…

17 10 2011

piper went through it too … she wasn’t afraid … just expressing her “two-ness” (which my pediatrician so wisely told me comes WAY before two). she just plain had other ideas of fun. she still has her moments.
AND … a few weeks ago when i picked her up from Bible study, her teacher told me Piper did not have a snack because she refused to wash her hands or use hand sanitizer.

hopefully its just one of those darn phases that will come and go. keeping you on your toes … or your knees. 🙂
have you tried the glow sticks yet? those still work like a charm at our house.

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