Classic Christmas

21 12 2011

what the.... mom???

CJ got a chance to see Santa while we were at the Seattle airport recently. At our gate, Southwest had a Santa, some photographers from the Microsoft Live Essentials team and absolutely no line.

white beard, how can you smile at a time like this?

I’m not sure he was as excited about the experience as I was…

half smile half cry, maybe she'll come get me

He fussed in hopes Scott or I might rescue him. He gave these looks of desperation and his little nose got red.

next person in line, please?

But he toughened up and tolerated the old guy with the bushy beard for a few more shots.

she's gonna leave me here forever, i think

Maybe he was really upset because his shoes were in my bag instead of on his feet. You know, toddlers have to take off their shoes when they go through security as well.

I’ll admit. I was disappointed we didn’t get the classic screaming toddler with Santa picture. Those are so great 20+ years down the road. There’s always hope for next year. Thanks Southwest & Microsoft for our awesome Santa pics for 2011!

Merry Christmas!





3 responses

22 12 2011

I have to admit my favorite Santa picture is the one of the three of you with Melissa screaming. Wow! the things we do to our kids! Probably scar them for life with Santa’s lap! You’re a brave boy CJ!

28 12 2011

I am impressed 🙂 great job Carter!

4 02 2012

Wasn’t Christmas like weeks and weeks ago? What’s happened since then?

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