Mr. Independent

6 02 2012

Carter has been walking a little here and there since October. But he isn’t always super confident about it. He really wouldn’t walk in public or outside a place where he was super comfortable. Until recently. And now, he gets REALLY MAD if you try to put him in a wagon or stroller. You say “wanna walk?” and he says (in the midst of wailing about the wagon) “yeeeeeeeeeeeah?!!” He also has taken to pushing your hand away when you offer it.

And so it begins…





2 responses

7 02 2012

What a beautiful picture!!

10 02 2012

Mom… I want to go to the park by myself.
Mom… will you drop me off a block from the school.
Mom… everyone else is going to the mall without their parents.
Mom… can I borrow the car keys.
… …. ….. etc…. …..

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